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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spooky Action at a Distance, Indeed!

Speaking to the eerie and then newly discovered phenomena wherein two particles can affect each other even though physically separated, Albert Einstein coined the phrase "Spooky action at a distance." My personal inclination is that this and other phenomena occurring 24/7 in the extremely Fortean field of quantum mechanics need to be understood before we can get a real handle on matters of High Strangeness.

Here is a video that brings perhaps the very same mechanism, or perhaps a related one, into our macro world. This Qigong master can affect things a lot bigger than subatomic particles and at distances you can really sink your teeth into. It's the longest such video I've seen... part of a news broadcast... and shows several instances of remarkable energy direction, both within and without the body. It also shows kinetic control in both directions... something I hadn't seen before. I have seen video of another master repelling yet bigger objects, his students, as they attempted to attack him. In class, not evilly, in case you were wondering. They were blocked as if by force field from perhaps a meter away. Absolutely fabulous.

And yes, Qigong masters really do this stuff. Skeptics will be all over this of course... closed-minded little twits, the lot of them... I'd like them to tell me how he breaks the bottle with his "string"... they should then read and re-read Skylaire Alfvegren's fantabulous and spot-on article Questions for Skeptics, attempt to understand it and go sit in the corner for an hour.

Found at Neatorama's Paranormal site via further surfing after enjoying an unrelated link on strange trees provided by Tom Ritchford.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

BMW M3 E30 GrpA Rally at The Manx

More Car Videos

Jim sent me a video from a BBC show on Bugatti's Veyron, which he alluded to being somewhat of a UFO, which is somewhat accurate, with the caption "Eat your heart out, Iggy." Truth be told, although fascinating, it's just too weird for my taste... first off it's butt ugly... and it's a VW. That's a big point against... based on experiences with their... ummm, engineering. For my ultimate dream ride, scroll all the way down the page. For any car nuts reading this, I'm into Ultima GTRs and Nobles, too.

Anyway, this video represents MY kind of driving, in my kind of car to boot... to me, a GrpA BMW E30 is a lot more desirable than a Veyron. You simply wouldn't be able to duplicate this kind of fun out of a UFO car nor produce anywhere near as lasting a shit-eatin' grin on your gob. Velocity is cool, don't get me wrong... but a car to me is as a horse to a cowboy... something to ride as an extension of oneself... and ultra exotics can't cut that kind of mustard. [note... the Ultima and Nobles can do this stuff. Just a clarifier, as they're pretty exotic.]

Ahhh... someday, eh? I'm glad the real UFOs are back in force... this is a Good Thing. Glad, too that one paraded around in front of me... Damn!

It's weird being Forteanically poor in the world's wealthiest town, (we have a Bugatti dealer here...) being without proper healthcare I get to go to the clinic, which fortunately is in the same state of the art hospital as those privileged go to, with a really good doc... but I missed an appointment... for a business meeting... and now I must wait till May... till freakin' May! Jeezus.

Hey... the real Cigarette Smoking Man, "James Jesus Angleton, the most shadowy and enigmatic figure in the Central Intelligence Agency's history," passed on recently... found in a post on the very fine Misc History blog... check out this line from the mainstream journal obit...

He hoped to preclude such deep-cover agents from stealing additional nuclear weapons secrets and to safeguard what was said to be America's most highly classified secrets (more secret, even, than development of the hydrogen bomb) - UFO studies and data on extraterrestrial life forms.

Neat, eh?... so... there you have it!

Oh yeah, was checking out Zenarchery for insight into something and saw a post linking back to a site that checks to see if your site is, according to this site, censored in China... and... High Strangeness is in fact verboten in that fine land of Communism... I guess I'm subversive. Ha! No, just patriotic. At least our murderous bastards let me write to you all, although they're working on emulating the Commies in that regard. Along with other nasties.

Having just checked my stats and seeing there a visitor from Beijing... the evidence is certainly there to render the site's accuracy as, well, not... visit it by clicking the red banner at the top right.

Well, I best be off. Here's hoping things'll be alright and we all live free in happiness and drive nicely ;) and blah, blah, blah... so, yeah... be good.