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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Monday, April 28, 2008

Portrait of a psychopath

An Irish TV interview with President Bush. This interview was not shown on American television because it was banned.

Hillary Clinton: Largest Election Fraud Ever

The Republicans don't have a lock on criminality, immorality or the habitual practice of screwing people over. The Clintons are masters of this, especially Hillary. Having her as president will be nothing more than a probable escalation of the crimes currently being committed. Then again having the NWO-advised Obama or the unstably repugnant McCain in place won't help either. God help us all.

Hillary!Uncensored, the 1 hour documentary using exclusive home videos of the Clintons made by Peter Paul - the man Bill Clinton illegally solicited to become Hillary's largest donor - to expose the Illegalities that won Hillary Clinton's Senate Election & the Obstructions of Justice That Keep Her There-. Get the DVD online at www.equaljusticeproductions.com or see it online pay per view at www.youperview.com. The film exposes Hillary Clinton's illegalities in winning her seat in the US Senate and keeping it through corrupting the Dept of Justice Chief of Public Integrity and the FEC itself. (See all the evidence on the public record at www.hillcap.org) The biggest political scandal since Watergate is NOW exposed to the public for the first time breaking the media blockade by the mainstream media to protect Hillary Clinton and the leadership of the democratic party that conspired with her. This unedited "trailer" on a private Google site made internet history as the #1 Ranked video on Google the day after it was "leaked" October 7, 2007, - it became #1 on the Top 100 videos IN THE WORLD on Oct 25 before disappearing from all lists on Nov. 2, while #1 after it was viewed more than 3 million times. THE FULL 1 HR FILM REVEALS THE OBSTRUCTIONS OF JUSTICE DIRECTED BY HILLARY AIDED BY A CORRUPT CHIEF OF PUBLIC INTEGRITY of the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND A FEDERAL JUDGE APPOINTED BY THE CLINTONS- SEE THE EVIDENCE ON THE PUBLIC RECORD www.hillcap.org and www.peterfpaul.com

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Women Of Esoterica: Skylaire Alfvegren

On a much, much happier note than all the horribly discordant ones that have been played here at HS of late, Lesley from New Mexico discovered the website of my dear friend and has placed it within the rarified atmosphere at her own wonderful blog... Women Of Esoterica: Skylaire Alfvegren. You really should check the site out, it's just great and has a nice bright fresh look to it as well. Featured, as you've no doubt twigged are the women who contribute considerably to the fields of Forteana and esoterica in general.

A fine thing this is too... as women are fabulous in my view and it's always ticked me off that they always seem to get short shrift in seemingly every avenue of life, even from when I was a lad. I appreciate the effort to showcase such great contributors to our understanding of the weird.

So click that link and visit this fine place... don't forget to visit the home page so you can take it all in.

What a nice break this was today... go forth and smile!

Condi Must Go!

Petition: http://CondiMustGo.com/

How can we express the terrible shock we have felt from the proven fact that our government is using torture? How can we express what so many of us are thinking—that it is absolutely appalling to know that our representatives are implementing barbaric instruments of torture as policy? How do we express our moral outrage?

Perhaps more importantly, how do we begin to take steps towards ending this heinous crime?

Our allies at True Majority and Democracy for America have launched a campaign to START calling out our leaders by focusing on Condoleezza Rice. No, she is not the President. But we want to call attention to the fact that the Secretary of State called for torture when she was National Security Adviser. Rice led White House meetings on torture that were so detailed, according to ABC News, "the interrogation sessions were almost choreographed."

This is our campaign to get Condi Rice fired. Accountability must start with her, especially now that she's being mentioned as a potential Vice Presidential candidate. We want to push all the Presidential candidates on this issue. They need to make a public stance: Can Condi!

Join us in taking action. Join us in creating a firestorm while the traditional media is missing in action. Join us in spreading the word to mobilize our country. We cannot tolerate officials with a blatant disregard for human rights.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Team
This is important. This person is complicit and seemingly without morals or care for the rule of law. Watch her lie in the video above. Please sign the petition. With Bush having just admitted on national TV that he personally approved torture, one can only conclude that the United States has now regressed to a state that condones and uses the very practices most Americans feel that we as a people, as a country, are vehemently against.

The people then, including me, are forced into being wrong. Our government is now arrogant, insulated and creepy, Nazi-like in their actions, without a care for any law that's made us a once-great country. Oil rules now as does the New World Order, which in itself will see the destruction of America. Something needs to be done and done fast before they do any more false-flag operations and seal our fate. I hope we survive.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Child Killing Israel Doesn't Bother Us - MOOHAHA

Israel kills lots of innocent men, women and children but nobody gives a fuck about that - Prince Harry who's not a bastard fulfills psycho fascist killer ambitions in Afghanistan - President Bush urges Congress to reinstate sinister wiretap laws or else - Hello landless peasant fucks, welcome to the fkn newz, I'm vaguely moist, here are tonight's headlies....
Wouldn't it be nice if Deek's Headlies actually were lies and not truth?

Friday, April 11, 2008

What America has become, courtesy Bush, Rice, Cheney, et al

The Torture Drawings the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to See

By Andy Worthington, AlterNet. Posted April 11, 2008.

Drawings by journalist Sami Al-Haj depicting torture at Gitmo have been censored.

Sami al-Haj is a journalist, but one unlike any other. For over six years since December 15, 2001 -- when he was seized by Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan border while on assignment as a cameraman for the Qatar-based broadcaster al-Jazeera -- he has been in a disturbing but unique position: a trained journalist held as an "enemy combatant" on the frontline of the Bush administration's "War on Terror," first in Afghanistan, and then in Guantánamo.

The outline of Sami's story should be familiar to readers; last summer AlterNet published a detailed article by Rachel Morris: "Prisoner 345: An Arab Journalist's Five Years in Guantánamo," which made clear how Sami was seized because of the erroneous claim that he had interviewed Osama bin Laden, and the disturbing fact that his many interrogations in Guantánamo have focused solely on the administration's attempts to turn him into an informant against al-Jazeera, to "prove" a connection between the broadcaster and Osama bin Laden that does not exist. As his lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith of the legal action charity Reprieve, noted bluntly and accurately in his book Eight O'Clock Ferry to the Windward Side: Seeking Justice in Guantánamo Bay, "Sami was a prisoner in the Bush Administration's assault on al-Jazeera."

Less well known is Sami's frontline reportage from within Guantánamo. Stafford Smith recalls that when he asked Sami for information, he "would assemble important facts on almost any topic in the prison relying on the incredible prisoner bush telegraph." These have included reports on the religious abuse -- primarily of the Qu'ran -- that preceded a series of hunger strikes and suicide attempts, and a pioneering assessment of the number of prisoners who were under 18 at the time of their capture.

Since January 7, 2007 (the fifth anniversary of his detention without trial by the US), Sami has been on a hunger strike. Although he is strapped into a restraint chair twice a day and force-fed against his will and despite the fact that he is "very thin" and "[h]is memory is disintegrating," according to Stafford Smith, Sami continues to seek ways to publicize the plight of his fellow prisoners. During the most recent visit from his lawyers in February -- with Cori Crider of Reprieve -- he produced a number of morbid, and almost hallucinatory sketches illustrating his take on conditions in Guantánamo, which he described as "Sketches of My Nightmare."

Fearing that they would be banned by the military censors, Crider asked him to describe each sketch in detail and when, as anticipated, the pictures were duly banned but the notes cleared, Reprieve asked political cartoonist Lewis Peake to create original works based on Sami's descriptions.

"The first sketch is just a skeleton in the torture chair," Sami explained. "My picture reflects my nightmares of what I must look like, with my head double-strapped down, a tube in my nose, a black mask over my mouth, strapped into the torture chair with no eyes and only giant cheekbones, my teeth jutting out -- my ribs showing in every detail, every rib, every joint. The tube goes up to a bag at the top of the drawing. On the right there is another skeleton sitting shackled to another chair. They are sitting like we do in interrogations, with hands shackled, feet shackled to the floor, just waiting. In between I draw the flag of Guantánamo -- JTF-GTMO -- but instead of the normal insignia, there is a skull and crossbones, the real symbol of what is happening here."

In recently declassified testimony, Sami described more of his recent experiences of the force-feeding process:

On the Monday before last [February 11] a white male came to do the force-feeding. They gave him only ten minutes training, then he did three of the eight men being fed that day, including me. He screwed the tube into my nose, not slowly, and not using lotion. I had flu at the time and my nostril was closed. It made it much harder. I was in the chair. I could barely talk, and my mouth was covered with the mask they put on. I was waving my hands.

"That's very painful!" I eventually said. There were tears streaming down my face. "I am meant to do this to you," the man said, harshly. "If you don't like it, don't go on strike." He would not look me in the eye. He did not look in the least bit ashamed. He never said sorry, or paused when I was in pain. I almost thought he seemed happy that he was doing it.

They used my feeding tube for another man last Monday [February 18]. This, even though they have marked the boxes for each tube. I have been getting a sore larynx, maybe from the infection of another person using my tube. I requested a spray but it was denied.

Sami's second sketch is his take on the familiar JTF-GTMO sign outside the prison.

"This time," he explained, "the hooded skeleton is in a three-piece suit [the prisoners' term for being shackled at the wrists, ankles and waist]. The head is totally blacked out. The wrists are shackled at the back, with chains running down the legs. There are very elaborate arm bones, leg bones and the spine. And again the flag, the Jolly Roger of JTF-GTMO with a diabolical smile on the skull."

For his next sketch, Sami shifted his attention to the prison hospital.

"There is a third sketch, which is about the Hospital," he said. "Again it is a skeleton, but with a face this time. The top of the skull is dotted with tracks, tracks of pain. This is the hospital gurney prisoner. He sits completely still, his hands and feet shackled to the side of the bed."

In his testimony, recently released, Sami has elaborated on his experiences of the hospital:

I am very concerned about having cancer. I have had blood in my urine for a long time. They refused to believe me until I showed them urine in a container that had red in it. Since then they have had seven positive tests for blood in my urine.

I have a pain all across my chest and stomach, and in both kidneys. To begin with they thought it might be a kidney stone, but I had a scan for that. They did not give me the results for two weeks, and I worried all that time. It was negative.

So then they did a second scan with a tracer in the blood. This time, they did not tell me the results for two months. Again, I was left to worry about what might be wrong with me. Again, eventually a doctor came to see me, a black male, about 40 years old, clean shaven, in a uniform without rank on it. He saw me for only give minutes. He began decently, but then got rather hostile. He told me the test was negative, meaning that there was no kidney stone. "From my experience," the doctor said to me, "I think it's cancer."

They then said that the next time a doctor would be coming with the appropriate expertise would be in May. Nobody would be coming before that, and he might not come even then. "You will leave me worrying about this for months?" I asked. "I don't have the necessary equipment," said the doctor. He apparently thought the prisoners were not as important as the soldiers in his care. "I don't mind if you suffer or not," he said. "It's not my problem. I'm not here for you." He left.

I worried too much after this. For three days I got barely any sleep. I was worrying that maybe I was dying. Then the brothers around me said, perhaps they are just telling you this, just trying to break your strike. I took some heart from this. But I still worry, as Abdul Razzaq died of cancer here, and it was a very painful death [Abdul Razzaq Hekmati, an Afghan who died on Dec.30].

I have all the other medical problems too. Really, I have pain almost everywhere -- all over. I have pain everywhere. It's hard to identify one thing as it's all over. My back, kidneys, chest, stomach, knee, I even have hemorrhoids. When I do get released, I am going to need to be taken to hospital right away.

In the fifth sketch, Sami explained the meaning of the bloated body, noting that, even if the prisoner's weight were to rise due to force-feeding, he would still be losing his mind.

"In the second half of this drawing the prisoner is inflated," he said. "The man is strapped to the gurney, and the weight on the scale reads 250 lbs. He has filled out, there are rolls of fat on his belly, but he is still mad. The pumps are all hooked up, forcing food into him. But the top half of his head is still vacant."

The last of his declassified notes add a disturbing conclusion to the story of the doctors' involvement in the force-feeding process, and the horrendous isolation and deprivation that still prevail in Guantánamo:

We met recently with a senior female doctor from the hospital. "Only if you break your strike can we give you medical care," she told those of us on hunger strike. "Otherwise we cannot help you." Some have now broken their strike. Four men are very sick, and were suffering too badly. But the truth is that they have given no help even to those who stop.

I am having bone problems. The cold is bad. I am on disciplinary for being on strike, so I get a plastic blanket at 10 pm, at least three hours after our last prayer time. Every other day I hardly get to sleep anyway, as rec [recreation time] is in the middle of the night.

For eight days I had the same clothes. I have not been given proper toothpaste for two years and seven months now. I am allowed a fingerbrush for just five minutes each day, and it doesn't reach the back of my mouth. I am not allowed a prayer rug. I am not allowed a prayer cap. I am not allowed my prayer beads. I am not allowed any holy book except for the Qur'an. I have no books to read. The last book I was allowed was in December 2006, before I began my strike.

All I have are orange clothes, flip flops, an isomat, a Qur'an, and a bottle of water. I suppose I should think myself lucky. Another of the men here has been disciplined by having even his isomat take away -- for a whole year. Another man has lost his right to a water bottle for a whole year. All this made another man so upset that he tried to hang himself.

Andy Worthington is a writer and historian, and author of The Guantánamo Files.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


For the past couple of days now the Johnson Space Center has been visiting a post I made a while ago about the "solution" that they’d come up with regarding the famous lunar UFO movie from Apollo 16. They claim to have done deep analysis and enhancement of the footage which revealed the object to be just a fitment to an arm off their own craft. I was mildly supportive as at the least they’d done a pretty good job of making the explanatory vid.

Puca wasn’t having any of it though, what with NASA having all these years to develop just such a whitewashing. Naturally, their work could be just that, a whitewashing, and since they’re not exactly famous for ever telling the truth about anything, assuming they say anything at all... these visitations give me an intuitive feel that they’re just checking to see how their scam is coming along out here in the public.

Vive le saucer... perhaps Puca nailed it!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wilkins Weirdness - Straight Line Strangeness

The British Antarctic Survey says an ice shelf is breaking off the Antarctic peninsula because of global warming.

Read more:
2008.03.25. Press Release - University of Colorado at Boulder: Antarctic ice shelf disintegrating as result of climate change, say scientists
Press Release - British Antarctic Survey: Antarctic ice shelf 'hangs by a thread'
The National Snow and Ice Data Center: Antarctic Ice Shelf Disintegration Underscores a Warming World
ScienceDaily: Huge Iceberg Breaks Away, Antarctic Ice Shelf 'Hangs By A Thread'
Saw a few headlines boldly pronouncing that our psychopaths were now using space-based super lasers to cut perfect rectangles out of the Antarctic ice shelf and further mess with Mother Nature for some unfathomable reason. The links led to this video of a flyover by the researchers mentioned up top - and... jeez!

These enormous ice sheets do indeed have perfect cuts in straight lines and right angles. They look like concrete blocks! The size of these is impressive and as such I can't fathom how this could occur naturally... even if they were small for that matter. We all know that nature abhors a straight line, so, while the notion of huge space weapons is a little out there, they do spend unaccountable trillions of dollars on such things, and I always like to point out that the SR71 was designed in a time when we the people had only Chevy Bel Airs.

It's not like it's impossible. But even if true and that scenario is real... why would they do something like this? Part of the big NWO plan of enslavement perhaps. Who knows. In any event, it's real High Strangeness.