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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Monday, March 29, 2010

Treason by Members of the United States Congress

It must have been realised that the letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, signed by nearly 300 members of the U.S. Congress, affirming their commitment to Israel, would be widely publicised and fall into the hands of that illegal Apartheid State, so the writing and signing of that letter should be considered an act of treason.

The letter has totally undermined the power of the President of the United States by virtually telling Israel: "It does not matter what you do to the Palestinians, how many illegal structures you build on the territory you stole from them; how you behave towards the Lebanese, or what you have in mind for Iran, we, the signatories on this letter are with you, all the way."

I am not a citizen of the United States, I am a citizen of a world that is being ruined by Zionism and its practitioners' thirst for power and greed for land that does not rightly belong to them. Having goaded the United States to attack Iraq, it is now attempting to draw it into a pre-emptive attack on Iran, while continuing to lie about the reason. The Iranian president did not threaten to "Wipe Israel off the map". Juan Cole, a professor of Middle Eastern studies at University of Michigan who reads Persian, has explained that President Ahmadinejad actually stated (quoting the late Ayatollah Khomeini): "The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] from the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad)."

What Israel and the perverse mainstream media has turned this into can be compared to a Farsi speaker saying: "Nothing lasts forever." And having this turned into, by the likes of the BBC and CNN and the press: "I'm going to kill you."

Reference: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Cost Of Defying Obamacare: $2,250 a Month And IRS Goons Pointing Guns At Your Family

Oh, nice. Thanks ever so much, Mr. Soetoro. RIP america... 1776 - 2010.

The Cost Of Defying Obamacare: $2,250 a Month And IRS Goons Pointing Guns At Your Family

16,500 new tax collectors with “combat training” and pump action shotguns will enforce “the change we seek”

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The cost of defying Obamacare by withholding compliance on your income tax return will not be for the faint hearted – families will be forced to cough up $2,250 a month while being closely scrutinized by an army of new IRS agents with fresh “combat training,” armed to the teeth with 12 gauge pump action shotguns.

“The Internal Revenue Service will function as the government’s chief enforcer for health care reform, should President Obama sign the bill into law as expected, monitoring both businesses and individuals to certify whether they have the insurance coverage the government requires,” writes Matt Cover of CNS News.

The penalties associated with defying mandatory health care are staggering. From 2014 onwards, for every month that individuals or businesses with over 50 employees fail to carry a minimum level of health insurance, they will be hit with fines of up to $750 a month for individuals and $750 per uncovered employee for businesses. For a family of four, this could amount to a whopping $27,000 a year ($2250 a month for each household).

“Because these new mandates and taxes are under the purview of the IRS, taxpayers and businesses could incur additional penalties normally reserved for normal income tax cheats, paying fees over and above those for not complying with Congress’ new mandates,” writes Cover.

The health care bill requires the IRS to monitor individuals and businesses via mandatory reporting on income tax returns. If you don’t pay up, the IRS will let loose one of their estimated 16,500 new agents, armed with shotguns and fresh “combat training,” to convince you otherwise.

The increasing transformation of tax collectors into heavily armed SWAT-like goons coincides with the passage of Obamacare, legislation which will rest entirely on its aggressive enforcement by thousands of new IRS agents sent out to harass individuals and small businesses.

Many people raised an eyebrow or two last month when the Drudge Report posted a request for quotes from suppliers for 12 gauge pump action shotguns to be submitted to the IRS. The request also mentioned the fact that IRS agents now receive “combat training”.

It seems that the increasing militarization of IRS agents isn’t simply to prepare for fleecing the many Americans who would undoubtedly stop paying their taxes should draconian austerity measures be imposed to deal with a deepening economic decline, but also to physically enforce the reality behind Obamacare – the fact that if you don’t comply with it then you’ll be treated as a tax cheat and a criminal.

When Obama’s own policy czars, people like Ron Bloom, say things like, “We kinda agree with Mao (Tse Tung) that political power comes largely from a gun,” as the federal government – even the Department of Education – arms itself to the teeth in order to enforce blatantly unconstitutional policies – is it any wonder that American citizens are purchasing firearms at record levels to defend their families from a government gone wild?

Not only will the IRS be tasked with enforcing penalties against Obamacare resistors, but they’ll also be kept busy monitoring over a dozen new taxes that will be created by the bill.

“The bill is littered with tax increases in order to fund the expansion of health coverage for Americans,” points out Business Insider, who identified 15 such increases, things like an excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage, tax surcharges on people making over $350,000 a year, as well as control freak measures like a 10% tax on payments for indoor tanning treatments.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Death of Dorothy Kilgallen, by Robert D. Morningstar

A Key Chapter from "Justice For JFK"
by Robert D. Morningstar

One of the early victims of the JFK conspiracy of silence, better yet "silencing" in the aftermath of JFK'S murder, was the noted reporter, columnist and television celebrity, Dorothy Kilgallen. I had watched her for years on "What's My Line?", not realizing that she had any involvement with the JFK story. Years later, I learned that she had broken the convention of silence in the press and written openly in her column about discrepancies in the official story. Suddenly she was dead.

On November 8, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead in her apartment shortly after returning from Dallas where she had interviewed Jack Ruby and had conducted her own investigation of the JFK murder during several trips to cover the Ruby trial.

She had revealed secret transcripts of Ruby's testimony in her column. Kilgallen had met with Ruby. She had learned of a meeting three weeks before the assassination at Ruby's "Carousel", the Dallas underworld's merry-go-round where the "Big D" mobsters wheeled around.

Present at the meeting were Ruby, Officer J.D. Tippit, Bernard Weismann and, she would later learn, a fourth party.

Lee Israel, author of "Kilgallen", reports that that Ruby, himself a TV fan of Dorothy Kilgallen, had taken a liking to her during the trial. According to Israel, he respected her more than any other reporter. She had gained his confidence and had several conversations with him in the courtroom. She was given a five minute session alone with Ruby. Some writers have stretched this to a half-hour, others deny it.

Regardless, it is a fact that when Dorothy returned to New York, she told friends that she had discovered that Ruby and the slain Officer J.D. Tippit had been friends. They had been seen together in Ruby's Carousel Club at a meeting 2 weeks before the assassination in the company of Bernard Weissman, who had placed the "JFK-Wanted for Treason" newspaper ad in Dallas newspapers on November 22nd, 1963. Studying the Warren Commission Report, Killgallen deduced that the meeting had also been reported to Chief Justice Warren AND that the identity of "the fourth man",which she had been unable to ascertain, had been reported to Warren as "a rich Texas oil man", as Earl Warren described him in the official transcript.

She told Israel that she had discovered something that was going to break the whole JFK assassination mystery wide open. She told the same story to her next door neighbor, her hairdresser, her agent, her publisher, and the producer and host of "Nightlife".

Kilgallen had told Israel about a very mysterious and sinister player in the JFK assassination to whom she gave the code name "ferret man". From the description of the individual, it is clear that "ferret man" was none other than David Ferrie, another known associate of Jack Ruby involved in gun running, the Marcello mob and other anti-Castro operations from Florida to Texas. At one time, Ruby and Ferrie were co-owners of an airplane.

Nightlife's producer, Nick Vanoff, pleaded with her not to broach the subject on the air. She had arrived at the studio with a folder full of pertinent and explosive notes documents. She kept the folder closed throughout the interview. Vanoff, asked her agent, Bob Bach, to send her "a dozen long-stemmed roses."

On Sunday November 8, Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead, sitting fully dressed, upright in bed, early in the morning. The New York City Police investigated and the coroner found that Dorothy Kilgallen had died from ingestion of a lethal combination of alchohol and barbituates. All her notes and the article on which she had been working to "blow the JFK assassination wide open" also disappeared.

What did Kilgallen know? The convention of silence continued. The New York Times noted the coroner's report. The Daily News noted it as well. Of course, the Journal American took note but nowhere did you read any reference to her Dallas trips nor her investigation into the murder of JFK at the high point of her own career. Every nostalgic memory of her in the Press was a fond one of "What's My Line?".

They all abandoned her, no one asked a question publicly. Not John Daly, not Bennett Cerf. No one in the press could be bothered about someone, even someone famous, who had died nearly by her own hand. Indeterminate causes can mean many things and "causes" is plural.

It was only the year before the murder of JFK that no one had questioned the death of Marilyn Monroe on the other side of the continent, who had also died of a barbiturate overdose, by her own hand. Neither her diary, nor her notes for her press conference, nor her "suicide note" were ever found. Only Joe D. cared, courageous enough to say, "Those bastards, they killed her."

Recent reports indicate that whoever sent "those bastards" apparently killed Marilyn by mistake. Many believe she was going to reveal the government's Castro assassination attempts (divulged to her by RFK) or the Kennedy mob connections or her love affair with JFK, when, according to recent reports (Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1996), she was actually going to announce her remarriage to Joe DiMaggio.

The press continued its pseudo-patriotic posture, in today's parlance, "politically correct" posture, benign neglect by design. Things were getting eerie for the Fourth Estate. The Fourth Estate had been transported to "The Twilight Zone". Both reporters and witnesses were dying. The Press hardly noticed.

Things were getting bad. Penn Jones wrote "Forgive My Grief" to chronicle the continuing string of strange deaths which followed the freight train of the Warren Commission Report, which railroaded Oswald, with its strong box of secrets sealed till the year 2039.

We could still watch "What's My Line?" but there was something strange about the show. John Daly was stiff, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis and others were just as wooden and flat. Forced mirth is not worth watching.

It's painful living in fear, says Leon to Deckker in "Blade Runner."

A dark cloud, a shadow, if you will, hung over the show.There was a Void: hollow, empty, voiceless. TV fans missed her. Things got yet worse! Penn Jones had to write "Forgive My Grief II". Witnesses were still dropping like flies as Jones recorded No. 5, No. 56...No.67, No. 68. Some of us didn't believe The Official Story, even without knowing of her trips to Dallas for another 20 years. It was too incongruous to believe that the person I had seen just the night before and again that very afternoon, so alive, so intelligent, so bright with life, could have died so pitifully, so quickly.

I beg to differ with the disinformed current opinion of those today who never saw her, but to my TV eyes, Dorothy Kilgallen was not some stupefied, alcoholic lush addicted to barbiturates. In all those years on television, I never saw her manifest any signs of slurred speech, sluggishness, lethargy, or uncoordinated speech or movement, though others may differ on this. She always spoke with the utmost courtesy, composure and graciousness. She had a way of asking one question which could extract three pieces of information.

The Media's Convention of Silence

"On a need to know basis" came into our vocabulary and an apparently craven press was caving in to "higher powers". The press now written with a little "p", neutered and rechristined "The Media", really didn't "need" to know, it was learning how not to ask the right questions.

Broad and broader flowed a whole brook of Warren Commission "white lies" and unanswered questions, which soon wound its way to another bend, then a twist of the facts, finally, widening into a whole river allowed to flow unimpeded and unquestioned.

Things got still worse! Penn Jones had to write "Forgive My Grief - Part III."...No.77, No. 78... As more and more people died or disappeared, a bridge of silence was erected over the river of questions which proceeded from the brook of the Warren Commission's "white lies". The press, politically correct as always, developed a polite disinclination to know. The press preferred to take the long way around.

The press, under duress after Dorothy's death, had learned ("been taught" may be more apt) to avoid even approaching The Bridge of Silence for, as Dorothy Kilgallen had shown, the toll for crossing it was very high.

And so, ...my fellow Americans...Ask not......For whom the bell tolls...it tolls for us.

Not a murmur was heard much less a dissenting word from the myrmidons of political correctness. They had all abandoned Dorothy. In 1964, CBS had televised "The Wizard of Oz."

"Ignore the man behind the curtain! The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken" screamed the Wizard of Oz, and the press obeyed.

The Great and Powerful Oz and his henchmen had hoodwinked the whole country. Viet Nam was hard core reality. The Viet Cong had a tete-a-tete with the Johnson Administration. If things were bad before, consider the consternation of the nation when Penn Jones published "Forgive My Grief IV." People finally started to notice but the press continued to ignore "the man behind the curtain".

However, a few hundred scarecrows with hay for brains that said the "magic bullet" was "magic BS", tinmen with no hearts to give up JFK or the Truth so easily, and scores of cowardly lions who would give their lives, like Dorothy Kilgallen, in order to bring the truth about the heinous murders to the American people continued the arduous work of "reverse engineering" the Warren Commission Report in order to find the Truth about "Who struck John?". They were the progenitors of Posner's "buffs", who, even then, would have preferred to be called "JFK Buffs" than Warren Commission buffoons.

The people, God bless 'em, God forgive 'em, led along like sheep, just poor dumb mouths and extremely naive, were kept frightened, quickly forgetting Robert Kennedy's warnings of "The Enemy Within", like children in the dark, confused, unsure, malaised.

The "higher authorities", intelligence agencies decided the people "needed not to know" that there were real "spooks", real phantoms of a national opera lurking under their hoods and sheets. C.D. Jackson, upon seeing the uncut Zapruder film stated: "The American people must never see this film." They still haven't.

A benign-appearing but socially malignant step-father had taken over the reigns of government by the Longhorns. He sent the sons he never had to VietNam without a moment's hesitation. He only had daughters. "Everything's going to be alright, isn't it?" the "Volunteer" president-unelect asked Nellie Connally from Air Force One, shortly after the take-off on the day of the murder.

The silenced press of the Johnson-Nixon Era, promulgating the propaganda of the falsified statistics of Viet Nam War and the real statistics of the Moon Program, itself eventually evolved a "need not to know", a persistent "Company Policy" throughout the networks and the popular pulp news. The press asserted itself briefly during the Watergate Era. But one must admit that throughout the history of the JFK deception, with very few exceptions, Kilgallen being one of them, Penn Jones another, the remaining American press has remained patriotically chic and politically "apparatchik".

Through their collusion with the whitewash in the Kennedy murder and cover-up, "the Media" had been promoted and unwittingly became "an instrument of state". It became an information funnel and filter to the point today where it flaunts itself as "almost part of the government", words spoken by a White House reporter on CNN recently. The problem is that it was not made clear to this viewer which government he meant, the political government or the religious government now persecuting President Clinton, pursuing him and nibbling like voracious piranhas.

Presently, the net of nepotism in media and the press, screens out any insinuations of a myopic, monoscopic, or mendacious point of view in their predecessors. Television, in particular, keeps its present tunnel vision intact behind a large array of chromaque-blue contact lensed "poupees", focus locked on the Teleprompter.

The Teleprompter knows all. The intelligence of a teletype machine, required of every politically correct-apparatchik anchor, weighs heavily in our value system, as they daily sink "reality" in a quagmire of "miniviews" and "sound bites."


Dorothy Kilgallen, as you will see, did not die for nothing. She was just too bold, she dared to go where no one had dared to go: she crossed the Bridge of Silence. Her mind had cut through all the disinformation gone to the horse's mouth, Jack Ruby. She had discovered the crux of the matter, a cross within a circle. Ruby and Tippit were pals. Both of them, members of an underworldly police athletic league and a right-wing organization which on November 22nd, 1963 had really flexed its muscles and exercised to kill a President of a particular persuasion.

Why was Dorothy Kilgallen killed? Or was she driven to her death by the Horror she had discovered. As in de Maupassant's "Le Horla", it was as if, an invisible being from an invisible empire had clutched the nation by the throat and people were dying,

strangely, mysteriously. The Press was scared. Always in the past, anytime a reporter was killed, all branches of Justice had coalesced in a unified effort to capture the criminal because it was taken for granted that if anyone could coerce the Press, then Democracy was threatened and all of us were in danger. The death of a reporter also testified to the discovery of something very significant, something "critical", important to us all.

Why was Dorothy Kilgallen killed? Why did "the little 'p'" take the long way around, refusing to cross the Bridge of Silence over the Potomac of unanswered questions, which proceeded from the babbling brook of the lily "white lies" of the Warren Commission Report?

Was Dorothy Kilgallen Killed?

Years later, the unrelenting efforts of Lee Israel brought to light the fact that Dr. Charles Umber of the New York Medical Examiner's Office had discovered the dregs three types of barbiturates in Dorothy's glass but had kept his findings secret due to the politics and internecine rivalry in the NYMEO. No vial was ever found or recorded by the NYPD. Seconal had been the only barbiturate prescribed for her according to the NYPD report.

Why was Dorothy Kilgallen killed?

Twenty-nine years later, I would learn why, just in time for the end of the Third Decade of deception and the "Case Closed" sham, the last gasp of the dying lie of the WCR. Hopefully, I look forward in the Fourth Decade for Justice for JFK, Oswald, Kilgallen, Monroe, King, RFK, and the countless others who came home in bags from VietNam.

My Fellow Americans, Ask not for whom the bells toll...they toll for thee and me and JFK and what might have been.

However, there still remains some hope for Justice but first we must destroy the current state of Media, my motto: "Not back to the future but back to reality".

(©1994, R. D. Morningstar)

Webmaster: R.J. DellaRosa --richdell @ tampabay.rr.com

- - hat tip to Remy Chevalier at EndSecrecy.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

A FireFighter for 911 Truth - Finally !! Please Spread This Vid

I echo the "finally." YouTube is playing their tricks in suppression by showing a ludicrously low view stat. It's disgusting. This is a wonderful video. Maybe we really will see justice done.

What follows is from the video posting, unedited, except for breaking it into paragraphs...

Finally, a Seattle FireFighter Eric Lawyer, for truth group for Fire Fighters to stand up and join. No longer silent, while the pieces of their fellow NY Fire Dept. firefighters lay buried in the landfill without dignity or proper burial. Thanks to the Architects for Truth.

The Science is finally proving that 911 was in fact an inside job, not made up by Conspiracy "nuts", but here Eric Lawyer states flatly that the Book for Forensic preservation of evidence from a crime scene was blatantly ignored. True.

But no one better than a FireFighter familiar with the "book" to say so. Willie Rodriquez was erased from the fraudulent Federally tainted so called 911 investigation, Prof. Jones thermate evidence ignored, Key witnesses were scene being thrown out for trying to testify. BUSH & Cheney and Rumsfelt got their Rubber stamp Congress to pass a law, that they can NOT be indicted if torture, or anything illegal they did should be later found to be a crime. What greater admission of guilt need we?

WE THE PEOPLE, should expect another type 911 event and soon, now that Eric Lawyer and the Architects & engineers for 911 truth have scientifically proved that planes did NOT take down two of the three World Trade Center buildings. FACT is 47 story 7WTC bldg also came down 6 hours later and NO PLANE hit it at all. But the video of that 3rd bldg which Silverstein ordered "Pulled" by demolition charges was NEVER broadcast on West Coast, and ran only once in N.Y.C. by BBC & NBC which called it about 22 minutes before it actually came down.... supposedly from small fires, which never EVER happened before to a steel frame and concrete building, and in only 6 hours of small fires, later on Sept. 11, 2001.

No ONE on West Coast Saw that, because CNN & FOX & the rest CENSORED it. The Media was in on the demolition job, as proved by BBC Jane S. announcing it "has fallen" when it was clearly still standing behind her. Did her London based que get confused because of the hour switch in Time Americans do every Sept. but they don't do in London? Ooops? SNAFU. now the coverup.

I spoke to an educated medical doctor, today, Mar. 1, 2010, and he STILL had not heard that 3 buildings at WTC came down. Even tonight, he is probably thinking, he mis-understood, or that I am just "nuts"... I looked at my 6 hours of Video VHS tape last week, and no where on all the channels that ran 9-11 coverage in 2001 ... not one on my Central Coast of California showed 7WTC 47 story building coming down. Just the twin towers , over and over and OVER ab nauseum. Shock and AWE. Now it is time to have a REAL Investigation... with subpoena and Contempt Powers. Go See: "Arrest of George W. Bush,soon" and positively pray for justice and TRUTH.... finally.

Then go read: FireFightersFor911Truth.org

P L E A S E.... If Israel operatives, Cheney and BUSH are allowed to get away with Sept. 11, 2001 demolition job, destruction of evidence. If all those BANKing records that were conveniently destroyed, and the Gold BARS that were NEVER found and accounted for in full... then there will be no limits to the CRIMES of those who set up this FALSE FLAG operation. And let me say for THIS record, that in 2004 & 2007 I was in Long Island and NYC and personally interviewed off camera suffering FireFighters and first responders, who said that the only reason they would NOT speak on Camera , was fear that the little medicial help they were getting would be cut off, and after they died [which some now have] their families would be cut off from help.