“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”

- Charles Hoy Fort

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Great Puffin Nebula Print On Sale!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Four Strange Fractal Postcards

Share your strangest news with your weirdest friends... with help from my latest anomalistic art...

Strange Object
This fractal nebula-like object has some very strange linear features at it's center, which are of interest to scientists. The interest for most will be the fascinating region at the top. What is it, we wonder? Is there life there?

The Fold
The Fold is one of the strangest objects in outer space. A sheet of energetic plasma has folded in on itself. Scientists don't know what to make of it.

Greenie, Close Up!
A zoomed in look at The Green Anomaly, which is a fanciful fractal rendition of a strange and energetic nebula-like area deep in outer space. Very deep.

Purple Anomaly
The Purple Anomaly is a fanciful fractal rendition of a strange, energetic nebula-like region located far out into the depths of outer space.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zero Tolerance for Peace At Drone Convention.

This little demonstration at a meeting of murderers shows exactly what the political dirtbags and military industrial complex think of human life.

Well, I don't think much of their lives, either, especially the pompous prick known as “Representative” Dana Rohrabacher of California, shown refusing to do his sworn duty near the end.

Uploaded by  on Sep 23, 2011
The Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus (better known as the Drone Caucus) led by US Congressman Buck McKeon (R-CA) hosted a drone convention in the Rayburn Congressional building in Washington DC on September 21, 2011. The convention was a showcase display of glorified killing machines that have reshaped the entire notion of warfare, and CODEPINK had no choice but to take action and remind those at the convention what important information they were missing.

We should, at best, lock these people up. Every damn one of them.

Here is a snippet from Zen-Havens article,
At Drone Convention, Zero Tolerance for Peace

By Medea Benjamin

When are we, as a nation, going to have a frank discussion about drones and remote-controlled killing?

One might think that such a dialogue could take place when thousands of people come together, once a year, at the gathering of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). Wrong.

But AUVSI, the lobby group for the drone industry, brooked no dissent at its August 6-9 Las Vegas Convention. When I, as author of a new book Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, tried to rent a room at the Convention Center to give a presentation on my book, AUVSI vetoed my request.

When I tried to register as a journalist, I was told that I did not meet their criteria, but they refused to say what that criteria was. And after registering online as a normal participant and paying the $200 fee, when I appeared to get my badge I was yanked off the line, surrounded by police, and told I would be arrested if I set foot in the Convention Center during the duration of the gathering.

Keep reading here, it gets worse.


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bear Baiting - South Carolina’s Shame

To all South Carolina crackers... fuck you. Got it? Sick, depraved sub human crap, you all are.

Uploaded by  on Aug 24, 2010
 Bear baiting, also known as "bear baying" by some, is a cruel spectator event where participants release their dogs to attack a tethered, captive bear, who has had her claws and some of her teeth cut off, leaving her defenseless.

Outlaw Bear Baiting in South Carolina!  http://www.causes.com/causes/40328-wspa-put-an-end-to-bear-baiting/actions/1668713
To: Nikki Haley, South Carolina Governor and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Defenseless bears have no rights and are attacked for the cruel pleasure of spectators. Bear baiting needs to be stopped. We demand that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley outlaw and criminalize bear baiting in the state to put an end to this practice.

Bear baiting (also called bear baying) pits a declawed and defanged bear which is chained to a stake against hunting dogs that bark and bit at it while hundreds of people watch. Spectators consider this event entertainment and hunters consider this as a training regimen for their animals. As countries around the world ban events such as bullfighting and cockfighting, Pakistan and South Carolina (USA), are two remaining places that haven't criminalized the practice. Sign the petition today to help put an end to this "sport".

Monday, July 23, 2012

Which CEO made $5 million stealing your kid's lunch money?

Published on  Jul 19, 2012 by 
ALEC is working to ensure that public education dollars get diverted to private profits. Their approach is working -- for them. Not so much for the students who pay the price in the form of a subpar education and poor performance.

So disgusting. I am especially horrified to see that my state, Connecticut, has accepted this utter garbage.

If only the revolution would start...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

North Korean Labor Camps in Siberia

Uploaded by journeymanpictures on Jan 9, 2012  
North Korean villages in the Siberian wilderness?
We take a madcap look at one of the weirdest experiments of globalisation: North Korea's deceased leader Kim Jong-Il exporting his people and propaganda machine to Russia in a bid for cold, hard cash. 
"You should see their way of living. They live in smelly barns in multiples of ten," a Russian police chief tells us as he drives towards the Korean village. Speaking to the Korean loggers as they take a cigarette break the picture is painted in even starker terms: "What he's saying here is that the majority of workers have a ten-year plus labour commitment to live and work in the middle of nowhere for almost no pay." So why do they do it? As ever the North Korea propoganda machine is present to remind the workers of the 'home land' and the wise teachings of Kim Jong-Il and his father Kim Il Sung. A sign at the town reads: "Kim Il Sung lives with us forever." Yet travelling into one of the strangest of North Korea's frontiers, it is clear that the hermit kingdom's isolationist tactics are not paying off in these camps. Will new leader Kim Jong-un continue the bizarre experiment?
January 2012
Glad to see this all in one piece on YT as it makes it easy to show it to you... but... this is a Vice production with nothing to do with these Journeyman Pictures people, so they have left a distaste in my mouth for trying to take credit for Vice's rather brave work. If I find it direct from Vice I'll put that here instead.

Note for yourself though that Russia is not alone in this type of scenario.


Monday, April 23, 2012

From nano-metres to billions of light years.

The Detailed Universe: This will Blow Your Mind.

Uploaded by on Feb 13, 2010

From nano-metres to billions of light years.

President of PureEducation: User/GenuineBolino

This reminds me so much of that old film from my youth that was so very popular and did this perspective of scale treatment. Why can't I remember the name? That makes me a bit sad. Darn it.

Anyway this film is quite beautiful and is very well done, hence I share it with you.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"HAPPY TRAILS To High Weirdness: A Conspiracy Theorist's Tour Guide"

This just in from my friend Adam Gorightly...

For Immediate Release Feejee Press



"No matter where you go, there THEY are."
Author Is Ultimate Tour Guide to the People, Places, & Parapolitics Throughout the Weirdscape of California and the Great Southwest

ATLANTA - Apr. 11, 2012 - FEEJEE PRESS (feejeepress.com) announced today the release of "Happy Trails to High Weirdness: A Conspiracy Theorist's Tour Guide," a precise roadmap to the People, Places, & Parapolitics that make up the scenery of bizarre destinations in & around California and the ever-odd Great Southwest weirdscape, by author and "crackpot historian" ADAM GORIGHTLY in traditional paperback and as an ebook for Amazon Kindle and Kindle app users.

Gorightly takes readers along for a wild and hilarious ride to out-and-out strange locations to meet up with some of the most interesting folks and figures involved in Conspiracy, UFOlogy, Occultism, Discordian Hijinks, Death Cults, and more. Gorightly's travels reveal a land of strange, beguiling and sometimes humorous wonders. From surfing with occult secret societies in Santa Cruz on through to the dry depths of the Manson Family and other cults of Death Valley to crashing with aliens and their fans in Roswell, NM, Gorightly has an uncanny knack for locating the weird, the wanton and the wacky.

"Happy Trails to High Weirdness: A Conspiracy Theorist's Tour Guide" is a must for readers who need to mix a little levity with their paranoia. Gorightly's infectious humor takes the edge off the more distressingly dark aspects of occult and conspiracy history and lore while affording readers a better understanding of the curious subject matters that makeup fringe and high weirdness culture. You can't go wrongly with Gorightly.

The book's introduction is by Andy Colvin, a West Coast writer, artist, "synchroconspiracy" researcher, who is best known for his "Mothman's Photographer" video/book series and also includes a bonus chapter from legendary Steamshovel Press publisher Kenn Thomas.

The Feejee Press paperback edition can be purchased online for US $19.95 at CreateSpace.com (https://www.createspace.com/3835210) or Amazon.com (http://amzn.to/IdbCos) where a preview of the book is also available. The Kindle edition can be purchased online for US $9.99 at Amazon's Kindle Store (http://amzn.to/An00xC).

"No matter where you go, there THEY are."

Press Contacts:

Adam Gorightly - Contact for Interviews

A certified "crackpot historian" and 23rd degree Discordian, Adam Gorightly has been chronicling fringe and conspiracy culture in an illuminating manner for over two decades. An active contributor to the 'zine revolution of the late '80s and early '90s, Gorightly's byline was a familiar sight in many cutting-edge magazines of the period where he sharpened his literary teeth. His articles have appeared in numerous publications such as "The Excluded Middle," "UFO Magazine," "Paranoia," "Steamshovel Press," and "FourTwoFour," the largest soccer magazine in Great Britain. Gorightly's explorations into these arcane waters eventually led to his first book, published in October 2001, "The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos." Other books by Gorightly include "The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture," "James Shelby Downard's Mystical War," and "The Beast of Adam Gorightly: Collected Rantings 1992-2004." Previously, Feejee Press published his "A Who's Who of the Manson Family."

Editors - Feejee Press

Feejee Press (feejeepress.com) is an upstart publishing company focused on "Forbidden, Forsaken, and Forgotten Knowledge" ranging from conspiracy theory to true crime to love poetry. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Joe Rogan - The American War Machine

Uploaded by joerogandotnet on Jan 20, 2011
A very cool combination of some of my rants connected with some great video editing by a youtube user named "TheParadigmShift"
Nice. Very nice. Seriously. I don't do mainstream media at all and so I was not familiar with Mr. Rogan prior to seeing this, but I understand he is really big out there in the land and because of that this video has nearly 900,000 views ... which is exactly what we need!

People need to know this stuff and so very many have no clue. For that reason alone I am now a fan of this man. Some have criticized this due to the coarse language. Pffft. To those assimilated holier than thou twerps I say Grow a freakin' pair, will ya? This is how lots and lots and lots of people talk and as such Rogan brings the discussion into a great many folk's comfort zone - at a conversational level  - and is hence connecting with the audience - who are the very audience that desperately needs to hear and understand these issues.

You'd best understand the reality of the situation at hand.

Kudos to Joe Rogan!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celente on the Global Economic Crisis.

Uploaded by geraldcelente on Feb 24, 2012
source : http://www.youtube.com/capitalaccount
Trends Journal: http://www.trendsresearch.com/journal
Twitter: http://twitter.com/geraldcelente
Here is Mr. Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal, in an excellent and informative discussion with RT’s Lauren Lyster, host of the Capitol Account show on the realities of politics and banking regarding the global economy. Celente reveals the exceptionally distasteful underlying goals of the recession and the current depression we all struggle with.

If you are not aware of these things... you really need to become so and soon.

This is the way it is folks... what can we do about it... THAT is the question!

Enjoy... peace.