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Monday, April 03, 2017

Jimmy D. Lane - Entire Concert - Violet's Venue Jan 9 2016

J-P HurtubiseJimmy D. Lane -(Son Of Jimmy Rogers,Best blues guitarist)-Entire Concert@Violet's Venue Jan 9 2016
J-P Hurtubise
Published on Jan 25, 2016
This concert was recorded with I Phone 6s+ 128 gb .It's a little shaky sometimes since i was holding it the whole night.concert was at Violet's Venue in Barrie,Ontario,Canada.Great place to see some great blues Musicians.Jimmy D Lane is an excellent blues guitarist from chicago now living in Vancouver.his father Jimmy Rogers(Aka-Jimmy A. Lane) was a big blues chicago player in the 50's and 60's playing with muddy waters,hubert sumlin,he tells a good story about hubert being his mentor and such.Got to talk to the man and what a gentlemen he was.
1st set & 2nd Set.
2.Mary had a little lamb(Stevie Ray Vaughan,Buddy Guy)
4.Bad Boy
6.What makes people
9.Tell Me(Stevie Ray Vaughan)
10.Killing floor(howlin' Wolf-Dedicated to his mentor Hubert Sumlin).
11.Hey joe(Jimi Hendrix)
12.The sky is crying(Albert King,Stevie Ray Vaughan)
13.Tell me baby(Jimmy Rogers song)
14.pride and joy(Stevie Ray Vaughan)
15.White room(half missed)Bathroom Break,sorry

Mama mia!


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