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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Friday, November 18, 2005

Las Vegas Tribune

Finally! Although I have seen some mainstream media reports on chemtrails in foreign outlets, notably Canadian, this is the first one I have seen from the US. Very thorough and to be continued next week. Bravo to author Marcus K. Dalton and the Las Vegas Tribune for an excellent report. Real news reporting here is not dead after all.


Anonymous said...

marcus k dalton, author of the chemtrails story in the Las Vegas
tribune was fired November 4. Check out lasvegastribune.com archives for the rest of the story and a few other interesting pieces by Dalton. Probably lucky big brother hasn't offed him.

iggymak said...

Thank you very much for that comment. Comments are pretty rare round these parts. Here's the link for the termination notice http://www.lasvegastribune.com/20051104/headline3.html and part 2 of the previous subject article http://www.lasvegastribune.com/20050826/headline3.html.

Reading the notice and plugging in the stated reasons for this publication's existence,it appears on it's face that the firing of Mr. Dalton and two other folks may have been due to actions unrelated to the subject article's contents. I hope that's the case at least.

iggymak said...

I should have said "... may have been due to actions unrelated to ramifications of the subject article's contents." Hey, it's late and my car won't start.

iggymak said...

On December 29 I got this nice email from Mr. Dalton. It confirmed my suspicions, but this may disappoint those who have fallen for exopolitics (eww) to the point where they are unable to analyze what they are reading.

Here is the letter:

Iggy -

Thanks for the kind words! No I was not terminated for writing about Chemtrails - I moved away from Las Vegas.

Regards, Marcus

Thank you to Mr. Dalton for clearing that up.

Bracing for flames,