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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

nr. Gusev Crater, Mars


This is yet another bizarre Martian rock. Pic by someone driving the oft-neglected Spirit rover. PanCam Left on Sol 650.

This is another one of those hollow shell jobs. I appreciate not only the mysterious hollowness of this guy and his brethren, but the delicate, eggshell-like way the edges are broken on all of them.

Coolness rank probably hovers somewhere slightly below the ones with the square holes. Most of the cool Mars sites are gone, into the active vacuum.

Disappointing interior radar results, no signs of underground liquid water.

I think its near the surface and occasionally visible.

The new probe is better than halfway there. It only orbits though. Hi res for the elite, more filtered jpegs for us?

Hey, how about that "new" carnivore from Borneo? Only two pics exist since 2003.

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