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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Las Vegas Tribune - Marcus Dalton on Chemtrails

Las Vegas Tribune

In an email received this AM, Marcus Dalton kindly alerted me to this follow-up article, "part 3" as it were, of his previous series on Chemtrails, referenced in a previous post in High Strangeness.

In it Dalton discusses the evil BushBill called S517, which has made the heretofore illegal spraying of dangerous toxicities on us all completely legal. Woe to us and moreso to our children. I wonder what sort of a world they'll grow up in, a world created not by any divinity, but by evil, unfeeling, greedy bastards. If we can get by the ethylene dibromide, we will find out soon enough.

Dalton then goes on to discuss in some detail the public outcry over the spraying in Europe, which is in sharp contrast to the public ignorance here in the States, a consequence of the mainstream media blackout and the general state of our populace's comfort in their blind obedience and willingness to remain as uneducated as possible.

Most discussed, and most disturbing, is the non-reaction of Greenpeace (insert Eurocountry), supposed proud defender of Mother Earth. When queried by thousands of it's members, Greenpeace in Europe gave out the same answers one would expect from a US Government agency, and stated quite flatly that they just weren't interested. The Europeans reacted strongly, canceling memberships and withdrawing bequeathments and other awards. Bravo, Eurofolks! One government person, ex-Greenpeace Germany board member Monika Griefahn, agreed with the concerns of her constituents and acknowledged the problem in a statement released in 1994. Perhaps there is some slim hope for Europe. We will see.

Anyway, read this article and get your minds to thinking!

Thank you Marcus for the heads-up.

Be well.

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