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Friday, March 31, 2006

Trickster defers to Guides in suburban CT

After a scarily slow start, I must say that 2006 is turning out to be a most remarkable and fortuitous year! The events of late '05 wherein the guide entities so graciously turned the steering wheel in the proper direction after all these years of drifting always a bit off course have rematerialized in ways that remind me of one of those time lapse sequences of a flower opening, preferably one of the ones with lots of petals! Sorry, never was a plant guy... There must have been some sort of a deal made where the Trickster was offered huge sums to lay low... hopefully for a damn long time... I have actually entertained the theory that they are really one and the same entity... but somehow that just doesn't feel right, as it's very hard to anthropomorphically fit it in... probably shouldn't be doing that anyway, eh? Makes for a much more exciting and action-packed universe to consider if they're opposite beings, too, now doesn't it?

What the hell am I talking about? Well, for the sake of privacy all round, certain data has been classified way above top secret, but suffice to say that I am now much more able to follow the wise advice of my friend and mentor Gil, after not being able to twig it for ages, due to my decision to expand on an idea put forth by my friend Will on a brief journey. It became a situation where my brain's clutch had to engage or bad things would happen, and thankfully the mechanism unstuck itself, which has had wonderful repercussions in both the social end of things, with friendships becoming deeper and new ones arriving, and in the economic sense where I'm now into some steady art work, so pursuing my personal dream looks a little bit less daunting than it did only a short while ago, as well as the satisfaction of creating nice things for people to see and read. Hopefully, even more gigs will pop up soon... perhaps I'll be shocked and get a voice gig... OK, relax, Ig, relax...

No doubt this blog will benefit from all this as well, not to mention what it will gain from future posts from my dear friend Jim, so that's something to look forward to as well.

I better go now, there are some of the inevitable last minute changes to that logo to do...

Be seeing you,

1 comment:

Jim said...

I am glad the Iggman is so up these days and open to evolving. We can rebuid him ; we have the technology. Of course we can't affort Rudy Goldman so Rube Goldberg will have to surfice.
Am chasing video of the long duration UFO sighting over Portland's Casco Bay. More as it developes.