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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ig as nattering nabob of... something.

On a rare prompting from a friend I logged into my myspace (a rare event in itself!) to read one real message and delete 6 dating and nigerian money scam messages and delete tanning ads rudely posted by some young lady in nearby Norwalk disguised as 4 "bulletins" from a wannabe "friend." LOL. Norwalk is full of social high strangeness...

Sorry 'bout that... anyway if any of my sites performed like myspace... I'd get sued, guaranteed! Good God... I don't understand it's popularity in reference to that... over 80% error pages after a minute to get there.

Mr. Ernesto did a number on my apple tree... and made a wee hole in the roof, otherwise I didn't really even notice the lad and was genuinely surprised by my backyard. Then again I did sleep through CT's last earthquake... so perhaps it's to be expected!

Google Analytics (a very awesome thing, indeed) insists that 21% of my site's visitors return... (no, not this one ;)) that's absolutely amazing! Especially as I am very slightly less careful with it than my client's. Retweaked it today for Explorer display. Rewriting helped a lot... although I seem to do better writing other people's sites than I do my own. The Lumix is in doubt... ooh man that Leica lens doth beckon so! But... but...

Well networking season is back on so perhaps pleasant things will happen. Gettin' better at it!

Everyone please pray for Mike Frizzell's total recovery. Next month I get to see Antonio Huneeus before he splits the scene for far-away places... it will be sad for me, he's a really good guy, a superb no-BS ufologist, and a friend, we've done a fair bit of hanging out... bummer, man, seriously... at least the drive down and back with Doug and Tom should be a hoot... maybe I can get Puca to ride as well. Might be easier than getting him to post something! Ig starts muttering at that but it quickly trails off to inaudibility...

Phyllis G. at FATE very kindly published another essay of mine. Shocking, no? Yes it is. A client suggested I might concentrate on writing... maybe, don't know... the wacky radiation dudes seem to dig it... so maybe. But what about After Effects... and Photoshop... and... Dreamweaver... and... hey, I just bought a file recovery program that refuses to launch! Cool, huh? They are trying to help, though.

Well the network's jumpy and I've rattled on too much... back to the postcard...


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