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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ms. Magazine | Paradise Lost - Greed, Sex Slavery, Forced Abortions and Right-Wing Moralists

Ms. Magazine | Paradise Lost

Do you wear clothing by J. Jill, Elie Tahari and Ann Taylor? Do the labels say "Made in USA"?

Well, read this article by Rebecca Clarren in Ms Magazine and be angry. Be very angry.

The tale is a familiar one, I'm disgusted to say, and this one was aided and abetted by some of our current psychopathic, dictatorial "leaders," by following an Abramoff/DeLay vision of sickness. Naturally, they are doing nothing whatsoever to stop this, and even scuttled at least 29 separate bills to correct it, (some, surprisingly, with Republican participation and initiation) and a Clinton Administration plan to sort it out.

The island of Saipan in the Marianas is the place... and slavery is the game. To make the tale even more vile, Saipan is a commonwealth of the United States. Laws were changed there to enable this situation to flourish.

My good friend commented recently on how she wished feminists would take on important issues like women in the third world instead of self-centric puff-piece issues. Perhaps feminists will crack down on this important issue. Ms. Magazine may have helped that along. I hope so. We'll see I guess.

At the end of the article there are links to people who need to hear your thoughts.

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