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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Graphics and Post and Video, Oh My!

"What's he on about now?" you may well ask. This "Graphics and Post and Video, Oh My!" is the odd name that I've chosen in another high strangeness, wee hours moment for my new Amazon aStore. It features products that relate to these three favorite areas of interest... books and DVDs and cameras, software and that sort of thing. Stuff that I either have or would like to have...

There are a lot of categories to pick from. Graphics and Post and Video, Oh My! is chock full of related items that the Amazon computers have filled in and as a result there is a ton of both pro and consumer stuff as well as the limited amount of stuff (grumblies) that they let me select for the homepage. As a result, it's turned itself into a sort of specialized Amazon as seen through the eyes of an Ig .

Do stop in and give it a try, won't you?

Thanks and happy shopping! Remember Christmas is only a few weeks away...


I'll give it 30 days or so, then we'll see...

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