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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

...and this

coral pools ©2006 I F Makarevich all rights reserved
coral pools

This is part of the ancient coral reef where our little trilobite-mimicing buddies of five posts back were discovered. It was a wonderful spot... so beautiful in a "primitive" way... the colors were fantastic... note how the water is in at least 3 different tints not counting the Gulf itself... very cool... and not one rock... 100% coral and other sea creature fossils! That's what really got me going from the start. The locals, we found out later while walking to find a bus... err, minivan, back to town... didn't find these wonderful chunks of ancient life the least bit valuable... we passed a construction site where they were just piled into heaps with all the other trash... I can understand that to a point... if, as I suspect, the entire island, or at least the bit we were on, is part of this reef, then they really wouldn't have much choice, and they'd probably be perceived as just "rocks." But, still, it's sad, in a way. Oh, hey, if you dig it a lot, this image is available in high resolution prints and on products at ArtWanted.com, where it garnered an independent artist's rating by Tom and Susan Repasky of 10.000... the previous post's image, which is available here, achieved a similar result. I was on the jazz about shooting through my first Leicaoptics, you see... yeah, that was it...

©2006 I F Makarevich all rights reserved

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