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Monday, January 29, 2007

Strange walking sea creature

Wow... is this thing cool or what? It looks like a cartoon creature... egg-shaped body, two relentless little legs with perhaps two smaller ones in it's center and as we see later, a sturdy looking "tail." There look to be some interesting feelers or tentacles as it stops to eat something. It's kind of "cute," actually. Reminds one of those Star Wars walkers a little bit. One of the labels this vid has is "wtf"... I agree! I love sea stuff, because of the beautiful and incredibly bizarre creatures found, yes... and new ones are found on virtually every single dive... but mainly because it shows that the largest ecosystem on earth is almost totally unknown. What could this thing possibly be? I'll bet it gets a new genus assigned to it! Seems weird enough to rate that. I do hope they find more of these guys... very cool. By the way, this clip was filmed in 2002... why do they take so long to release this stuff?


Tip-o-the-hat to: Miss Catonic at the Forteana Yahoo Group.

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