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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thanks to the Blogger team for the instant annihilation

I didn't back up my template... I'm an idiot, I know... they didn't give me the option to choose to "upgrade," they just did it... I logged on... and HS was totally gone. They saved all the posts... but the rest... will take hours and hours and hours... ahhh shit. Not a happy camper, here, Blogger team... no, not at all.


Addenda... well... it wasn't really all that horrible... once the steam from my ears cleared the room... and a chat with Willy, jerri and Tom and calm returned... I just found a Google cache of my 2nd to last post (they didn't have the feral lady)... and got it all... well nearly all... off of that...

I knew it was coming, but the thought that they'd just do it automatically... leaving a blank white screen and a few of the ads that no one clicks... (the footer pics were there to torment me)... was a hell of a shock first thing Sunday morning. Note that they did save all the posts, thank God.

If they haven't switched you yet... you are instructed to now... right this minute... save your entire template to Notepad or Simpletext. Do it. Save yourself from seeing red when you see nothing but white.

"Data doesn't exist till it exists in two places." -- Tom Ritchford

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