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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Brazilian UFO Magazine Office Is Invaded And Robbed: Bandits Were Looking For More Than Computers And Equipment

This just in from Brazil... I smell a rat.


This is to inform to as many people as possible that the office of the Brazilian UFO Magazine was invaded and robbed last week. Bandits forced one door of the property at the night of July 30 and stole several computers, printers, equipments etc. The losses are higher than US$ 12,000 and unfortunately a large number of computer files will never be retrieved. We still haven't been able to raise the necessary funds to recover from the robbery and 80% of our activities are paralyzed.

The Brazilian UFO Magazine office is located in an area on the city of Campo Grande considered reasonably safe, and the property, a rent house, was also considered secure. However, the thieves knew precisely what door to force and how to do so, because very little damage was caused to it. And presumably they also knew very well what they were looking for, because not only some specific computers, printers, equipments were stolen, but also, and very suspiciously, particular folders containing very important and sensitive information about several areas of Ufology in Brazil.

I cannot describe at this time the exact contents of the many folders taken, to avoid any interference in the investigations. I can only say that the folders taken were located next to many others that haven't been touched, as they didn't contain the same kind of information. The stolen folders covered specific aspects of some UFO-cult movements going on in Brazil, as well as they had still unreleased cases of military involvement with the UFO Phenomena in several areas of the country and other nations and South America, and they also covered our plans for the future of the campaign for UFO disclosure in Brazil.

Because of the very high strangeness of the MO demonstrated by the thieves, the police suspects, and so do we, that the invasion was a criminal act fully studied and meticulously planned. It implies that our activities have been closely watched for weeks and perhaps months prior to the invasion. We believe that the robbery was designed not only to cause a severe financial damage to our activities, by preventing us from publishing the Brazilian UFO Magazine for at least two months, as well as to damage us in other ways.

The Brazilian UFO Magazine is one of the oldest UFO publications still in activity in the world. It was founded in 1985 and was at it 135th edition. The magazine is monthly and circulates all over Brazil, Portugal, some places on Spain and in several countries of Latin American. As of this month of August an English version of it should be initiated in the USA, based in California. We also publish books, conferences and DVD documentaries.

Those friends in overseas in position to help the recovery of the Brazilian UFO Magazine are kindly asked to do so. Those of you interested in helping us may write to editor@ufo.com.br to obtain information as to what can be donated to the magazine. Any help if immensely welcome. You may spread the word.

Thanks for your attention!

A. J. Gevaerd

editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine


Photos of the robbery can be seen at: www.ufo.com.br
via Skylaire Alfvegren

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