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Saturday, September 29, 2007

UFO Observed On The Moon By Italian Astronomers

Well this is nice, with a very effective use of the score to get the mind going in the intended direction, too. I like it. The movement while transitioning through the "frames" looks a little odd, but that might be just a technical issue... or not. In any event, it looks rather similar to other videos I've seen of this nature, but never have I seen one of this length, following the thing through it's entire journey. It looks quite plausible.

If real, you know, to appear at that size in the frame this object would be at minimum a mile and very likely more in diameter, probably three or four, which, to me is exciting. It's hard for humans to imagine such a vast construct without going into total sci-fi/fantasy mode. It's hard for me as well. (I'm not feeling very human these past few days, sorry.)

Hopefully I can find out a bit on the alleged astronomer listed on screen... if he's real, then that's a very good thing. I'll see what I can find out between tasks.


Dustin said...

I'm curious if you've found out anything more on this one. I've been meaning to look into it, and just haven't had the time! The balloon explanation actually holds some weight, I believe, but I haven't looked into it enough to make up my mind at all.

iggymak said...

Oh, Dustin I haven't looked yet either, for the very same reasons. Hopefully I'll be able to. I'm still voting a cursory "real" for now... speaking from my film/video/photo persona...

iggymak said...

All I've found out is that he's an amateur astronomer from Italy... not much time... here's what it says on YouTube:

April 29,2007
Unidentified Object tracked while adjusting the focus of the scope
location: Busto Arsizio, Italy 45.600 degrees N, 8.852 degrees E
Elevation: 214 m
Time: Tracking beginning:10.52pm

Celestron C8 +6mm orthoscopic eyepiece projection
Meade LXD75 Mount
Camera Unibrain Fire-I Board - 640 x 480 B&W
Capturing software AstroIDC on MacBook Pro

Note:the capturing software was set to grab 300 frames x movie so I
couldn't track the event in continuous mode.
This is the cause of the gaps between the movies.
The path on the background image is due to the stacking while
the object moved through the moons surface.