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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ufo? Meteor Crash? Piracicaba, Brazil... :-O

Hey, now, I know this is old hat by now and I've read the articles and commentaries and extrapolations, but I saw this vid of the thing on YouTube last night and I was a bit taken aback... whoa there, hon, 'ang on 'ang on... is it me... or did the freakin' thing just turn right around and start goin' left across the screen... and then... make a left turn to get back "on course" goin' right across the screen?! I say, I say, I say... what's up with that?

Now admittedly it does certainly look like a meteor that's losin' it... especially the bit that falls off that the guy follows briefly at first... but... I mean really...

What do you think? Comments anyone?


Mike said...

Hi, that one was a skydiver with magnesium flares attached to his feet. It's during a night skydiving event in the Piracicaba region of Brasil. They are quite common there.



iggymak said...


I don't know, dude, I watched those two... and to these eyes, they looked exactly as I would imagine magnesium flares would look. A brilliant and small point of origin and the streaming particulate effluvia. The vid in question though does not display those qualities, looking a lot more contiguous and fluid in its discharge. Therefore, my mind is still undecided as to what the thing is, but remains unconvinced by the flare vids. BTW, magnesium is extremely volatile once ignited... these guys are nuckin' futs!