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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh, dear...

Wow, I just went over to a blog I admire, Paul Kimball's The Other Side of Truth, and after I read his wonderful post on how he feels about someone special, which mirrors my emotions on someone special to me, I of course read all the rest and came to a post called The Hoagland & Bara Carnival that disturbed me with it's revelations about the activities in recent times of the two protagonists, which relates directly to the post here and immediately below.

Now, listen, I trust Mr. Kimball a lot more than Mr. Hoagland, and I am taken aback. The sorts of things mentioned are just... ewwww. So despite the fact that I think their photos are cool, it is quite clear to me that they themselves are anything but. I'm pissed at them and their rude antics and am no longer planning on buying their book. I thought they just bitched about NASA. I just wish I'd paid more attention to the whole scene of late, and Hoagland in particular.

I'd stopped paying attention to him for the most part when he started getting into things well beyond the scope of his genre, which was quite a while ago and he seemed at least to vanish behind the wainscoting, so... out of sight, out of mind.... Woe's me. Seems there's much more underlying his ego/agenda/mission/whatever than I ever thought. Seems also that the ufo scene's as silly as ever and maybe worse, or maybe not really worse. There've been seriously rude people out there before.

What saucers are or are not, to say nothing of the moon and Mars will never be sorted if this sort of inane codswallop keeps on and it seems as if it ain't about to stop. This has been said billions and billions of times before, but we need thinkers open to new ideas and receptive of evidence without prejudice or agenda other that the truth. The fact that NASA is what it is notwithstanding, as they can be gotten around to some small extent, will just need to be dealt with.

Oh dear... I have been guilty of speaking through eyes of the past... will try not to let that happen any more. Let cooler heads prevail. Peace out.

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