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Monday, November 19, 2007

Rods from God?

Just learned about several projects our increasingly psychotic military is working on, to be delivered from space... although, granted that in January China shot down one of their satellites with a missile... this one I thought was the most unusual and just damn scary one...

Hypervelocity Rod Bundles, or "Rods from God," 20-foot-long, one-foot-diameter tungsten poles (existing only on paper at this point) that would be hurled from low-Earth orbit at 25,000 miles per hour to pulverize "hardened" targets in enemy territory. (...or my house. - Iggy)

Rods from God? Not any God I'd have anything to do with, that's for Goddamn sure. But the space cowboy generals have no God, and since the Rummy Report to Congress of 2001 they've been going hog wild. I'm also not convinced that the above horrors "exist only on paper." Remember, d00ds and d00dettes... the Blackbird, which they still insist on telling us is the most advanced plane evar (uh-huh) was designed in the 1950s. Think about that.

Space is to be completely militarized, and it certainly seems that it's well underway, from Star Wars and the thing shot up in the STS-80 video to the chemtrails... will the children of today exist in a world like BladeRunner or Mad Max? I'm thinkin' so if we don't get rid of these people real quick... and I mean that globally, not just our own lunatics.

Info gleaned off of the report at the World Policy Institute via the good folks at AlterNet.

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