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Thursday, December 27, 2007

HiRISE Gives Us A Better "Hole In Mars"... Close Up

HiRISE Gives Us A Better 'Hole In Mars'... Close Up
View the image at this NASA page and the close-up at the Arizona instrument operator's page.

This caught my eye while perusing the comments on a MySpace profile... I'd only seen the ones previous where it was just a pure black circle, an image which prompted J.P. Skipper to do a piece along the lines of some surface structure being simply painted out, CIA-style; with some fascinating detail brought out in the over-exposed terrain surrounding it as well.

With this lighting we can see that it really is a hole, and it could be just what they say it is, a collapse over an ancient lava channel as occurred in Hawaii, but, of course, for those of us with sporty imaginations, it could also be something else... :-)

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