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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Friday, July 27, 2007

High Strangeness Best Movie Award --> Zeitgeist

There has been a lot of growth in the local brain of late, which is, naturally, a good thing. Certain things are becoming much clearer, much faster than I'd've expected them to. This is due to progress in adaptations to certain situations which have been presenting themselves.

I watched this movie in the wee hours of this morning for the first time. I found it, of all places, through a YouTube comment on the output of the guy with the alleged Apollo 20 videos, most of which are fabrications, but which are based on an extant anomaly. I'm glad I clicked it, because this is one amazing film. It had nothing to do with what I'd been amusing myself with. Instead...

I find it to be a real and important service to humanity. It succinctly sums up, in one coherent piece, the entirety of the problems currently faced by the citizens of planet earth. It is so well done that I recommend it strongly, very strongly, to everyone, everywhere. It covers it all... from the beginning, thousands of years ago, right up to today. And I mean all. Watch this and you'll have a clear understanding of what the realities we face are, and, you'll begin to think, hopefully, of ways in which we can free ourselves. Hopefully.

Click the title above to see it as intended. Or watch it here. Or at Google by clicking the button on the window. You must watch this. It will enlighten you. Set aside two hours. It will be worth it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Strange Crustacean, Strange Craft

One strange and rather primordial crustacean.
I don't know if this is a hoax or not and quite frankly I don't really care, I just like this creature. It looks so ... primordial... and vicious. Can't you just see those arms clamping shut, impaling it's next meal? Certainly would be interesting to meet one live, wouldn't it? The photo itself is very nicely composed and if it's Photoshop, it's a lot better effort than a lot of the bozos out there have been doing lately. Of course one can't really say much of anything at 72dpi unless there are serious flaws. Folks need to remember that. Same for Flash.

Apollo 20 closeup of craft- (?) type object on the moon.
Supposedly this comes from Apollo 20. Yes, I know there wasn't an Apollo 20, officially speaking. I see no reason to think that there couldn't have been, however. This object, whatever it may be... IS on our moon, and can be found in several Apollo 15 and 17 photo sequences. I snagged them all, well, all the ones I could find, in high res and will be scoping them out at some point. Sure doesn't look like something a geological process could account for... although a geologist I am not. I do know two though and may ask them for an opinion at some point.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Got Two Fresh Gallons Of Dihydrogen Monoxide!

Oh, man, I love this stuff... dihydrogen monoxide... God, it's just so perfect... truly an awesome substance... something to be revered, cherished and protected. So useful... so versatile. I just put two fresh gallons in the fridge for, ummm, personal use. When I reflect on how much I use every day for other things, though, it's a good thing I can get it so cheap through the special connections that have formed throughout the years. Need to be careful, though, as too much of it in the wrong areas or in the wrong hands can spell major trouble. Lucky so far! Lucky, lucky, lucky.

My socio-political ire of late has been directed at the perpetrators of elder fraud, it's hitting home as they attack my elderly auntie with a relentless stream of sickening shit. Fortunately I've been able to stop these walking, talking turds dead in their tracks in a lot of their efforts, but that wouldn't be true of the majority of the elderly, abandoned as they are by most everyone.

I hear our attorney general here in Connecticut is hot for these types... bravo, dude! The Government does actually do some nice things sometimes. These criminal people, and I use the term people very loosely, are repugnant to the max. Their souls are surely going to rot in hell, I just wish something nasty could happen to them while they still inhabit their bodies, like maybe imprisonment in a few of the Regime's 800 new US concentration camps... at least that'd be a good use for these facilities, rather than for us after they... well... you know. I hope you know, anyway!

[hey... get a DiHydrogen Monoxide t-shirt!]

Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to create an Angry American

This piece is really quite well done. In a way it is rather sickening to watch for anyone in possession of sufficient quantities of operational synapses. I mean, if this doesn't make you angry, well, ... , then I think that there is something very seriously wrong with you and I strongly recommend that you seek out some quality psychiatric help.

I was at the clinic today, again, and had to sit through another couple of hours of CNN, who's regime-dictated programming and scripted "commentary" have the ability to get me angry within, oh, a minute and a half or so, ever since they read their complicit scripts on that September day. This time though I focused on the others in the room, as I sat with my back to the TV for most of it. It was very strange and also very disturbing. There they sat, nearly all of them, staring with odd expressions depicting what could only be the emotions of a rapt, hypnotic stupor, nodding in agreement, in blind, unthinking, unquestioning acceptance of the visual and acoustical fecal matter that was washing over them.

Creepy. Very, very creepy.

I better watch the OVNI video a few times, then I can relax and think of the good times that are just around the bend.

Happy trails.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

OVNI en Costa Rica

During a pyroclastic volcanic eruption at Volcan Arenal in Costa Rica, a beautiful white object decides to drop in and scope out the action with a remarkably graceful flight path and, at the end, bestows upon us one of those very impossible moves that these things do so very well. After an odd night here in i-Space, finding this video was a pleasant surprise and it calmed me with it's beauty. I hope it does the same for you.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An interesting take on Mt. Rushmore

12 mile wide head on Mars
What a handsome devil. Original here. Interesting that this old picture never got much press, but not surprising, really, in light of things.

Sorry I've not posted much. Lots going on. Things are rather fabulous in some areas, and slowly progressing in others