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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lyme Induced Autism

One wonders why more isn't being done to solve these horrors. I'm glad at least some are looking into it. Do the others simply not care?


Autism: Connection to Lyme?

research papers on autism and the connection to lyme:

Ongoing research papers on autism are looking at the possible relationship between Lyme disease and Autism Disorder. At present Autism spectrum therapy disorder seems to be affecting one out of every 150 children, and more males are affected than females. A spike was noted in the number of Autism cases in the mid 1990s and the percentage of cases overall are still remaining relatively high with the precise cause of this disease remaining unknown.

In view of a lack of awareness on the reason, a lot of theories do actually exist and the research is constantly taken on and most children do in time react to treatment. Some of the latest research has exposed a potential link with Lyme disease symptoms and the oncoming of Autism, while there's much to do, this possibility seems tantalising.

Lyme disease is often as a result of a bite from a small tick. Symptoms of this disease can range from aching joints, confusion, word memory difficulty or slurred words, heightened sensitivity to light and sound, and a hazy mind. If it progresses into a later stage Lyme disease it can be life-threatening and leading to Multiple Sclerosis style symptoms and resulting in severe debilitation. It can be treated with Antibiotics.

Some research indicates that up to 90 percent of children that suffer with syndromes associated with Autism are infected also with Lyme disease; even so it isn't being reasoned that Lyme disease symptoms are an accurate cause for each case of Autism.

More research is being looked at and the Lyme Induced Autism Foundation that was founded in 2006 is actively fundraising in order to raise sufficient revenue to bring on a more serious research in the relationship between these areas.

In view of this high incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder amongst children since the mid 1990s a push through in understanding is in high demand and further research papers on Autism into an area such as Lyme disease might well give some hope for those sufferers and families affected.

Article source: http://www.autism.andallabout.com

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