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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wilkins Weirdness - Straight Line Strangeness

The British Antarctic Survey says an ice shelf is breaking off the Antarctic peninsula because of global warming.

Read more:
2008.03.25. Press Release - University of Colorado at Boulder: Antarctic ice shelf disintegrating as result of climate change, say scientists
Press Release - British Antarctic Survey: Antarctic ice shelf 'hangs by a thread'
The National Snow and Ice Data Center: Antarctic Ice Shelf Disintegration Underscores a Warming World
ScienceDaily: Huge Iceberg Breaks Away, Antarctic Ice Shelf 'Hangs By A Thread'
Saw a few headlines boldly pronouncing that our psychopaths were now using space-based super lasers to cut perfect rectangles out of the Antarctic ice shelf and further mess with Mother Nature for some unfathomable reason. The links led to this video of a flyover by the researchers mentioned up top - and... jeez!

These enormous ice sheets do indeed have perfect cuts in straight lines and right angles. They look like concrete blocks! The size of these is impressive and as such I can't fathom how this could occur naturally... even if they were small for that matter. We all know that nature abhors a straight line, so, while the notion of huge space weapons is a little out there, they do spend unaccountable trillions of dollars on such things, and I always like to point out that the SR71 was designed in a time when we the people had only Chevy Bel Airs.

It's not like it's impossible. But even if true and that scenario is real... why would they do something like this? Part of the big NWO plan of enslavement perhaps. Who knows. In any event, it's real High Strangeness.

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