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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Search of Tiki--LOWFI art excursion 9/7!

Hi all... I've got to lay low with LOWFI during September, but we've got an excursion Sunday, September 7 @1pm. It could be argued that Charles Fort did not decorate his home with Polynesian tikis... but we've got a few surprises to throw in to what will be an interesting, arty side trip. Special secret event to follow. Bring a tropical ghost story to read/sea-going tale to share!


In Search of Tiki by Jeffrey Vallance

A year or so ago, I went to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California--home of the World's Largest Painting and the Last Supper stained glass window. I've known for many years that the quirky museum at the cemetery had one of the only Easter Island carvings (moai) ever to have left Polynesia. I went into The Forest Lawn Museum and talked to director, saying that more people should know that there is such an amazing Tiki at Forest Lawn. I mused that someone should curate a Tiki show based around the Easter Island carving. They tried to get me to curate the show, but at the time I was too busy with my own work in Europe. I suggested gallerist, writer and Tiki aficionado Doug Nason as curator.

Most of the show seems to be Juxtapoz-like graphic work featuring Shag. There is a catalog for the show, but as it turns out, an image of my work is not included-so much for initiating the original concept.

"In Search of Tiki," initial concept by Jeffrey Vallance, curated by Doug Nason and Jeff Fox, Forest Lawn Museum, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, CA.

Yours in Fort,

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