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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Discovery UFO stabilized, now even stranger

A little while ago a UFO video was released on YouTube by a dude who was taping it alongside a pro video crew supposedly from the Discovery Channel. Not your usual saucer-type trip, no, this was one of those new shape-shifting, constantly morphing jobs that really throw a spanner in the works. Naturally, anything like this is to my liking, as I appreciate a good ruckus.

Now this version is up. In it the thing is cropped and stabilized... which has made it much easier to appreciate the high strangeness of this object. It looks like an amoeba on crack, trying to bust out of its own skin. As it spins about areas of high reflectivity come and go and morph along with the tentacular appendages. Which brings to bear, of course, the tantalizing thought that this thing could be alive and not an artificial construct at all. If that's true, then where exactly did it come from and why haven't such forms been seen hitherto?

I was pondering the possibility that if it is a lifeform, then perhaps this is an altitude-challenged eggcase of sorts for the worm-type objects seemingly common in low Earth orbit and popularized by astronaut Story Musgrave - the probable cause of similar objects seen in many videos. Maybe the lit'l-uns just want out, already!

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