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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Leaked? Whaddaya Mean 'Leaked'?

credit NASA/JPL

Sometimes strange and seemingly rather stupid trends afflict large portions of the populace. Well, seemingly large, at least, if whatever trend it is is something that one would notice.

One of these trends has been bothering me for a while now... have you noticed that almost every time there's some imagery or footage of an anomalous nature sourced from NASA, such as the Rover photo of the object shown above or the Shuttle UFO videos that they almost without fail have the term 'leaked' breathlessly added into the post's title or at least the description?

What is up with that? Are all of these people just simply boneheaded and gullible? These are not 'leaked.' As was pointed out elsewhere on the web recently, (can't think where, sorry... Forgetomori, perhaps?), the image above, for example, featured today on Rense, was released by NASA in a press release. Try as one might, you can't 'leak' a press release.

I mean, really, come on...

Same goes for the UFO shots... they're from NASA TV, broadcast to whoever cares to watch. While the "explanations" offered by NASA TV announcers are rather lame and often humorous, the footage that's all over YouTube and similar sites are public releases.

Now, no one can accuse me of not being ripe for a good conspiracy, theory or not, the keyword being good, but, this paranoid misuse of such a term is just silly; and furthermore degrades the credibility of the poster greatly, while giving ammo to the professional and amateur debunker alike.

I've been massively ticked off at NASA and it's contractors for ages now, (ESA, too) what with all they do to hide and obfuscate data, seemingly from the get go, as J.P. Skipper's been showing of late, but let's focus here, folks. Get a hold of yourselves.

Let's concentrate on trying to piece things together in a rational scientific and sociological manner, not by breathlessly and blindly claiming things that are just not the case. There's plenty of stuff to chew on regarding our celestial neighbors... plenty... so let us move on from credulity and look at things properly.



Atrueoriginall said...

"simply boneheaded and gullible"

It comes with the territory. I take it with a grain of salt anymore because I see it too often and for the most part they're kids who have probably never opened up a science book let alone read the NASA website.

I think they're still at that stage of, "make it sound better than it really does so that more will come and see". I especially see that a lot in YouTube.

It's aggravating but you need to let it go or you'll wear it. Why let them get to you twice. lol

iggymak said...

Hey, thanks for that. I'm quite sure your reading of the sitch is spot on.

Kinda sad that kids don't read or investigate. Most kids, anyway... there are some with great minds like yours and my nieces.

Hopefully they'll soon learn that making it look "better" will cause disappointment in the very folks they seek to engage.

It's not really a big deal for me... I guess I just saw it one too many times, and Rense ain't no kid :)

Atrueoriginall said...

No, Rense ain't no kid, but Rense is only into ONE thing on that site and that's hits. The more hits, the more ads, the more ads, the more money. That's sad. lol

I bring such things to the attention of YouTubers all the time in their 'message area' and I usually get a comment back that sounds something like go 'f' yourself.

My favorite is on Phil Schneider. If I see one more YouTuber upload those dang lies one more time I'll throw up. I have a copy/paste comment always ready for my next victim. Then I spam the dang thing with that comment for a few days.

That's also how I can tell when it's kids because one only has to listen to any one of those videos for a few moments, and if they have a brain they can tell that Schneider was nothing but a blatant narcissistic liar. But they don't see it. They see a hero who was mysteriously murdered.

I better stop, I could go on forever. :)

Atrueoriginall said...

I left something very important out. The individuals that we're talking about believe everything they read simply because they don't know better. I'm particularly livid when they use the word 'truth'.

I go the way of science and many times I tell them to do the same but they respond negatively (kids). I tell them unless it's observed or tested, it's only a possibility and never the fact. They don't understand what I said, let alone meant. Sad. And then from there, whatever they uploaded or posted snowballs into another location and then another, ....etc., etc. lol