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Monday, December 29, 2008

TFD Article of the Day: Transient Lunar Phenomena

Well, here's the other link I was just talking about from the Free Dictionary's sidebar posting of two Forteanesque listings today... Although nowhere near as dramatic as the Lakota's fate on this day, Transient Lunar Phenomena are pretty cool, especially as they've been going on for thousands of years and have some pretty sporty characteristics which allow, for the open-minded, some, er, additional hypotheses as to what some of them might really be. Naturally, I would love to see one... but, hey, I want to pop up there and check out Nansen, the exceptionally mysterious and highly covered up (from before they even left) focus of the last lunar mission. I think seeing a TLP is somehow more likely, sad to say. And I bet they'd be doing a mining run... dammit. :-D

Article of the Day
Transient Lunar Phenomena
Transient lunar phenomena are short-lived lights, colors, or other changes in the appearance of the moon's surface. Reports of such events have been recorded for at least 1,000 years and range from foggy patches to major changes in the lunar landscape. Though some have been observed independently by multiple witnesses or reputable scientists, the vast majority of accounts have come from a single observer or from a single location. What explanations have been given for the phenomena? More...

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