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— Charles Hoy Fort

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nahuelito? Painted Log? Hmmm...

This very nice new photo of the Argentine's legendary mystery creature known as Nahuelito has been making the rounds of late. An excellent post about it over at Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo should be perused at your leisure.

The original photo above is a bit dark where it counts, so I thought I might enhance it a bit, mostly with the response curves in Photoshop to make his or her ugly mug a bit more visible in the top image. It has been suggested that it's a painted floating log... If that's what it is the hoaxers did a wonderful job of carving the wood to a suitable form for an eel or aquatic reptile before painting the eyes and teeth. Naturally I'd like to think that someone got really lucky, but hey, who knows...

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