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Monday, January 05, 2009

US Government Signaling ET?

Strange Government communication with... ?

Red Triangle
click image to enlarge

In J.P. Skipper's latest report at Mars Anomaly Research, entitled Nevada Mystery Symbols, he turns his eyes towards home with a look at some high strangeness communication that our Government is apparently conducting out in the middle of nowhere. The images are there on Google Earth for you to view, at 39° 54' 04.39" N and 118° 23' 53.95" W... and vicinity... as there are quite a few as you'll see. The coordinates are for the main one here, the image I lifted off Skipper's site. The triangle, one of two, I found and cropped out for you; they're part of a no doubt related complex of some very, very strange circular forms each with a V-shaped building at the center and a nifty road in a triangle wave pattern connecting them all.

They are, quite obviously, a message. So, of course, these "messages" beg the question of just what in the hell these symbolic glyphs are saying, why are they saying it... and... just who is the intended recipient? There's got to be, just got to, a deep, underlying and possibly creepy meaning to them... unless the personnel have just gone crazy with the heat and the desolation, although I doubt that strongly. Surely there must be something to combat cabin fever in nearby Lovelock and surely in Reno which isn't too far.

Oh, dudes, how I wish I could hop on a plane and go check these things out up close and personal. Sigh. Someday soon, perhaps.

Meanwhile, I'll just try to survive, as things are really pretty seriously bad around here; and wait for Mr. Skipper's next report... on them round jobbies...

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