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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Local Weirdness Index Rising

Ah, strangeness has settled over the land of the Igular entity... with the accelerated impetus that this New Year began with losing velocity by the minute... it's just scary. Real scary. I did, though, post a lovely photo of a very, very cool UFO that I found surfing featuring my favorite planform over at my new Fortean-tinged blog What's All This, Then? which is on WordPress.

I wonder whether having all these ads on here is worth it. There's so little traffic here, despite it's Google rank, a weird thing in itself, and so far they've contributed a big, fat zero to my ability to buy dinner... so... I wonder. I try to pick stuff I think is at least interesting and possibly beneficial, as opposed to just putting anything up. Even recently made a new blog for one thing, it's had an amazing 4 visits. Ha! If there was a budget for ads it'd eliminate the problem, but, there isn't...

A few people have bought my t-shirts and stuff through the years, a nice feeling, but since they're my creations, I don't them count among the ads, although technically they are of course... Anyway...

Just finished a wonderful project for Craig Swan over at Greenwich Rolfing, which was very satisfying and much needed. If you live around here you should surely check it out... it's amazing what he can do with Rolfing.

There's the new LOWFI anomaly research network out in the American West as well... it is a seriously exciting project for me with the main site and 8 blogs so far... it's going to be a major force for Fortean research and information. Some of the sharpest minds out there are affiliated with it including Skylaire Alfvegren, Adam Gorightly, Lesley Gunter, Regan Lee, SMiles Lewis, Jarret Keene, Thomas Cosgrove and Andy Colvin. It's a must-see in the realm of Forteana... and the possibilities are exciting.

And hey, if you live in the West, and have had something inexplicable happen to you... no matter what "genre," please share it with LOWFI Research... a database is being compiled and research will be ongoing... your personal details will not be divulged. It's a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the understanding of what this world really is all about, and the West has some of the strangest stuff happening... my favorites being the recently reported bi-pedal reptiles of the desert and the ongoing Thunderbird and pterodactyl sightings. I don't know, must be my childhood fascination with dinosaurs and stuff... hehe.

Ah well, it'll all be alright, right?

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