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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Snakes Alive?

The following post originates from my What's All This, Then blog. What can I say, the thing caught my eye, so, here you go...

Baby Snakes? Mars? What? •March 20, 2009 •

A fascinating image with probable fossils and a possible lifeform. NASA/JPL/Cornell

Negotiating a path through the pretty blue fossils and rocks in this photo taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit’s PanCam on it’s 960th Martian day is a most unusual little critter. See it? Right between the “rock” that looks like a fish and the one that looks rather frog-like. What is that? A worm? A snake? What the…? Naturally the NASA dudes drove right on by, as is their custom… sigh.

Haven’t seen anything like that up there before! Haven’t seen many string-shaped rocks either… here or there. At first I thought the groove in the very lower right might be a track, but I now don’t think so, as there’s none right at the object’s location and it’s pretty deep. No way to know if it moved, there’s only a few shots, and only from this camera, so we’ll never know. Me? I’m rooting for lifeform while we wait until someone with a sense of inquiry goes up there and finds out…

The PanCam page for Sol 960 is where you’ll find all the pics from the day, and here’s the page for the original image, which is by NASA/JPL/Cornell. Clicking on the image will take you to the color version on the aero.info Rover page, which automatically creates, daily (when available), very close to true color images.

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Atrueoriginall said...

Okay, that's really weird. I feel like I'm watching Dune. :)

So how many rocks have you seen that are shaped like an 'S'? Ohhh, I see them every day. lol

As well, it appears as if the area in the picture (bottom right corner) shows a similar marking made by the movement of whatever it is.

Too weird.

iggymak said...

Aye, strange it be.

Thanks :)