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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Monday, February 23, 2009

FIAT Foolishness by Kenn Thomas

Kenn sent along his latest article on the state of things out there in that dark, nasty place we call the world... a place where it all just seems so damn surreal sometimes. To paraphrase David Icke, "It's all just a movie," and, I must ask... it certainly seems like one more and more, doesn't it? One that only sick, twisted minds would dare make.


by Kenn Thomas


It started out as an interesting week for parapolitics: the son of Louis Jolyon West wrote an article on the assisted suicide of the famous CIA-MKULTRA scientist and Francis O’Neill, one of the FBI agents who remarked on “surgery to the head area” in a report of JFK’s wounds that led to David Lifton’s Best Evidence theory of body alteration, died. I circulated these stories on various conspiracy discussion lists and figured it would lead to some provocative feedback.

Jolyon West had been well-known for his association with mind control, dating to the time when he headed the psychiatry department at Lackland Air base and the US discovered many of its shot-down fighter pilots brainwashed by the North Koreans. (see: “Bug Bombs,” in the first volume of Cyberculture Counterconspiracy.) West also killed a bull elephant once by mis-administering LSD to it. He developed plans to for human experimentation as part of a Reagan-supported “anti-violence” center.

Oddly, even as Francis X. O’Neil’s obituary hit the web, so did a feature on retired Secret Service agent Dale Wunderlich, of the 11/22/63 secret service security detail, from Longmont Times-Call in Colorado. Wunderlich gave a Rotary Club talk trying to make a case for the lone nut theory. “The sight of Kennedy’s body, face down in the hospital, is still engraved on Wunderlich’s mind,” according to the article. Fruitless book and net searches for such an image--JFK’s body face down—added some weight to Wunderlich’s own statement that “I had such tears in my eyes that I couldn’t see anything.” Those not inclined to regard Wunderlich as carrying on a decades-long mythology that few really believe may have taken the kinder view that Wunderlich sees only what he wants to see about this momentous event in his life.

That’s about where any thoughtful reflection on these parapolitical footnotes went. The lists instead got clogged with things like another poorly written Ann Coulter rant against the “fiat money” that Barack Obama plans to print up to fund the stimulus program. Coulter doesn’t disguise her role as a narrow minded and barely literate ideologue. Her readers and critics hear no complaints from her when the government starts over-printing fiat money for the sake of the military, which does as much to deplete currency value as anything. So her criticisms remain select and transparent even as her writing style shows her up as—challenged. (Christopher Hitchens has great fun with this.) I had a girlfriend once who labeled Coulter one of the "dumb blondes for Bush." The other was Barbara Olson, who died on one of the 9/11 planes. Olson’s tragic death didn't improve her arguments any which often fell along the lines of Coulter’s aping the hypocritical old "less government" bull. She supports only a shift in big government spending, not a reduction. It’s a fairly obvious false dialogue. I would have greatly preferred a discussion of things of more historical weight, like the stories of people like West and O’Neill.

Conspiracy critics do themselves a disservice by ever alluding to any of these mainstream pundits. If you have a point to make, make it yourself. Coulter and Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh and all those others making similar points—often gleaned from the very online conspiracy sources they say they eschew--are at best like a broken clock, right twice daily, if then. They serve the agenda most students of parapolitics claim they oppose. Their political heroes (Reagan, Bush) have time and again advanced the practice of issuing exorbitant “fiat money” far more than anyone. The TV pundits are about shifting the priorities to which the money is applied. They didn't say a word when Bush's Wall Street buddies, the courtesans of his monarchy, raided the treasury during his last weeks in office. It's only the threat that Obama wants to spend on social programs that's put a bee in their bonnet now. They could give a damn about fiat money, as they always support it for corporate welfare and when the military budget expands. All are welcome to take whatever side they want on the spectrum, of course, but all also, at least when it comes to the endeavor to understand conspiracy, must acknowledge the process of false dialogue and media brainwash. Talking about West, O’Neil and Wunderlich would have been a much more enlightening path to this understanding.

Videos by Geert Wilders have made the rounds of late as well and offer a similar lesson. He’s a right wing Dutch politician who fattens his own political fortunes by very publicly opposing the spread of jihadist Islamic culture in Europe. Wilders is at least as right about that as “conservative” “right” or whatever media is about “fiat money,” but does anyone have to support the right in the Netherlands to agree with him? Of course not. They can, in fact, oppose Wilders and the jihadists at the same time. One long-time list manager even circulated material that literally came from a neo-Nazi group in the UK because it has the same anti-jihad message! This is exactly where the false dialogue leads, islamo-fascists on one side; neo-nazis on the other. It’s not an issue of blaming the messenger. These "messengers" are the same people the conspiracy critical world has always opposed.

As for JFK and the Federal Reserve: he issued silver certificates in smaller denominations in order to help remove them from circulation. The value of the silver used in making coins had become greater than the value of the coins, so Kennedy facilitated the effort to stop using actual silver in minting coins, fully realized in 1965, under Johnson. This was a move clearly in the direction of fiat money, not toward it. The US has been off the gold standard since 1934, so Kennedy was acting in the grand tradition of FDR by doing the same for the silver standard. It's hard to think that Kennedy was shot for this purpose. Whether it’s gold, silver or the goodwill of a cabal of Jewish conspirators, money is what everyone agrees to call money—American GIs used cigarettes as currency in post WWII Germany. It’s supposed to be a consensus reality. The only place where mainstream pundits and the parapolitical underground agree is on the lack of that consensus.

Could Man be from Mars?

(This article was originally published on the Book of Thoth's website, where it still appears.)

by Iggy Makarevich

Long has humankind wondered over our origins… how indeed did we come to be present upon this world? The possibilities seem endless, ranging from the view put forth by mainstream science that we evolved slowly as the final result of continual evolution tracing its beginning to the unicellular lifeforms which came into existence in the primordial pools of organic matter covering the ancient earth, to the faith-based religious view that we were created in the blink of an eye by the incomprehensible power of a deity to populate the world just created, to the more exotic view of our arrival here from a far distant world, a world perhaps no longer able to sustain further occupation by its residents.

This author has long favored the latter view, perhaps initially solely since it is more romantic, more exciting than the others. Of late, these perceptions and intuitions have become increasingly more forceful, in view of the gathering of information afforded us by our sciences, our space sciences in particular, information which seems on reflection and retrospection to reinforce the speculation that we may be from elsewhere.

Archaeologists have long realized that the pyramid complex at Giza in Egypt is a star map that closely follows the pattern form by the Pleiades star cluster and in the intervening years many other constructions made by our species have been found that also follow celestial patterns with remarkable accuracy. While in and of itself this merely shows a fascination with the sky, it may represent the manifestation of a deep memory, a longing for “home.”

The discovery of the famous Face on Mars opened up a new and exciting search for extraterrestrial archaeological discoveries. It is fascinating that throughout successive re-imaging efforts at higher and higher resolutions, and despite manipulative efforts at debunking, the Face structure still retains its symmetry and its remarkable resemblance to a face. A humanoid face. Research has shown that the other anomalous features discovered in the region of the Face and elsewhere show a geometric relationship to each other that is at the very least, quite provocative.

The thought that these features, while so individually unusual, have all managed to form from random geological processes into such precise relationships and alignments is perhaps even more anomalous than the conjecture that they were artificially built that way. The anomalies even continue under the surface, with infrared imaging turning up patterns that appear to our human perception as the foundations of buildings in citywide scale.

There are similarly anomalous formations across the Martian moon Phobos, (a peculiar object in it’s own right), and many more remarkably strange patterns and structures on our own Moon as well, formations that stretch the imagination and defy our knowledge of geological processes.

Combining these discoveries in space with the remarkable finds of out of place and especially out of time artifacts here on earth, such as patterns resembling footprints that are dated to hundreds of thousands of years, and similarly aged inexplicably formed objects from deep in mines and otherwise buried, to petroglyphs resembling dinosaurs in the American southwest and provocative formations that seem artificial deep under the sea lends an open mind to consider the possibility that indeed in time immemorial, a space faring people left a dying world to venture forth into space to locate a new home. Perhaps they colonized Mars at a time when its environment was suitable, and when whatever catastrophe befell that world resettled here or perhaps they settled both worlds simultaneously, only to continue on here, their journey long forgotten in the countless millennia since. Perhaps too their vehicle was our own Moon, itself an extraordinarily anomalous object, described by NASA scientists as being largely hollow as a conclusion of seismic testing and as being composed of materials older than our Earth.

How is it possible that all of these anomalies and the relationships that they hold to each other in form, pattern, placement and especially in concept be wholly natural? Such a conjecture seems difficult to grasp. Can “luck” be that pervasive, that thorough? It is the opinion of the author that all these things are intricately intertwined in a remarkable tale of extremely ancient events that led to the population of the Earth by humanity, a humanity that originates from somewhere else, somewhere that we may never know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Local Weirdness Index Rising

Ah, strangeness has settled over the land of the Igular entity... with the accelerated impetus that this New Year began with losing velocity by the minute... it's just scary. Real scary. I did, though, post a lovely photo of a very, very cool UFO that I found surfing featuring my favorite planform over at my new Fortean-tinged blog What's All This, Then? which is on WordPress.

I wonder whether having all these ads on here is worth it. There's so little traffic here, despite it's Google rank, a weird thing in itself, and so far they've contributed a big, fat zero to my ability to buy dinner... so... I wonder. I try to pick stuff I think is at least interesting and possibly beneficial, as opposed to just putting anything up. Even recently made a new blog for one thing, it's had an amazing 4 visits. Ha! If there was a budget for ads it'd eliminate the problem, but, there isn't...

A few people have bought my t-shirts and stuff through the years, a nice feeling, but since they're my creations, I don't them count among the ads, although technically they are of course... Anyway...

Just finished a wonderful project for Craig Swan over at Greenwich Rolfing, which was very satisfying and much needed. If you live around here you should surely check it out... it's amazing what he can do with Rolfing.

There's the new LOWFI anomaly research network out in the American West as well... it is a seriously exciting project for me with the main site and 8 blogs so far... it's going to be a major force for Fortean research and information. Some of the sharpest minds out there are affiliated with it including Skylaire Alfvegren, Adam Gorightly, Lesley Gunter, Regan Lee, SMiles Lewis, Jarret Keene, Thomas Cosgrove and Andy Colvin. It's a must-see in the realm of Forteana... and the possibilities are exciting.

And hey, if you live in the West, and have had something inexplicable happen to you... no matter what "genre," please share it with LOWFI Research... a database is being compiled and research will be ongoing... your personal details will not be divulged. It's a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the understanding of what this world really is all about, and the West has some of the strangest stuff happening... my favorites being the recently reported bi-pedal reptiles of the desert and the ongoing Thunderbird and pterodactyl sightings. I don't know, must be my childhood fascination with dinosaurs and stuff... hehe.

Ah well, it'll all be alright, right?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Scorpion Eating Record Set - 22 Go Into This Saudi Man's Gut

Ummm... yeah... (squirming in major ewww factor here). There's perhaps a thing or two not quite right with this Saudi dude? I mean, they're kind of poisonous, you know? And... 22 of them? Jeez...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

LOWFI seeks Nixon’s spirit… are you up for a trip?

Are you in Southern California? You don't want to miss this!

SUNDAY, MARCH 1st: our next southern California excursion will be to the haunted Richard Nixon library in Yorba Linda. On deck will be a psychic medium to pick up the vibrations, Nixon’s “ethereal conduit” Jeffrey Vallance and L.O.W.F.I.’s NorCal Bureau Chief, Adam Gorightly.

$13, with an optional outing to a secret, undisclosed location in Whittier, a scant 22 minute drive from the Nixon library. The birthplace of Discordianism, a trip to this facility is as close to a religious pilgrimage as a Fortean can get. All hail Eris! (The birthplace of Kerry Thornley himself, Whittier also gave us Nixon and Tom Waits.)


Stay tuned for details as the date looms near!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Fortean Societies Have Existed Before, But…

LOWFI's main site

Hey HS fans! My friend Skylaire Alfvegren's new western US Fortean Society... L.O.W.F.I., or, the League of Western Fortean Intermediatists... has launched on the internet! Woot!

I'd actually wanted to 'wait' (ha!) till Sunday as in my mind I'm still building the sites, (but that'll always be the case though, won't it, now?) but it's already starting to get a lot of buzz and visits, and, since the Anomalist has picked it up, I guess it's official! To quote from Skylaire's first blog post: (which has the title used for this post):
"While there are a handful of UFO organizations, and lots of ghost-hunting gangs out here--a tip of the hat to all of them--what exists for the lone crypto hunter? The conspiracy theorist with an interest in the paranormal? The UFO buff with a cracked, black sense of humor? Or those of us who know that reality is like the contents of a rearview mirror--things in it are often distorted, much bigger than they appear, or can only be glimpsed out of the corner of your eye?"
As the link above and the post title go to the blog for the SoCal region, run by Skylaire, (there are 7 other blogs so far), one should also be sure to explore the main L.O.W.F.I. site at forteanswest.com to discover all the wonders therein, which would include our first Guest Editorial by Nick Pope!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

SHC over the airwaves

• February 4, 2009 •

Larry Arnold, the world’s foremost authority on the subject and the author of Ablaze!: The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion has just announced for followers of anomalistic occurrences and of course especially those interested in spontaneous human combustion (SHC), that he is…

1) Larry is scheduled to be the guest on the Paranormal Research and Resource Society internet radio show tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 5, from 8-10PM EST. Click here for the PRRS Radio Show: http://www.prrsociety.com/radio.html

2) Larry has been contacted to be a return guest with George Noory on CoastToCoastAM for next Thursday, Feb 12 circa 10PM-1AM PST. On the East Coast that will be Friday, Feb 13, circa 1AM-4PM EST - yes, discussions of SHC on Friday the 13th! This is still pending, but we wanted to give you a heads-up now. Click here for info on this show: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/

Don’t miss it!