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Friday, July 22, 2011

Nursing Home Abuse Caught On Hidden Camera

I can not say that I am shocked at the above film, except for the musical crap at the end. That pissed me off. Not, though, as much as the abuser; and her piece of wuss boss. They make my blood boil, although that phrase does not in any way do the emotions justice.

If they ever met me, after such a revelation about a loved one - they would not leave the venue - except on a stretcher. Or in a hearse. That I assure you.

My mom lived the last decade or so of her life in an excellent facility here. We lucked out on that.

Dad and I had the experience of scouting a few different places before we got the good one. They were, in a word, frightening. We didn't see actual abuse in front of our eyes, but, still, we were scared. Seemed like Civil War mental wards. Just like them. Gives me the fucking creeps even today. Geraldo Rivera had, in the time immediately previous become famous for revealing the jarring horrors at such places. That did not help our outlook.

Apparently that shit still goes on. The sub-human shit in this video needs to be struck in the face with a two by four. Repeatedly.

I am sorry, readers. I have been made to feel these things, bad as they are, by animals masquerading as people.

Plus, my aunt Clare, who I have been occupied as full time unpaid caregiver for about 7 years now, is going to be going into one. If all goes well, the one my mom was in. At least I'd be able to relax, then.

I'd rather not be on the news... you dig?

There is a discussion about this subject inspired by the video above at AboveTopSecret. Might want to check it out.

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