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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hillsborough Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Charlette Jones: Scum.

Continuing on with presentations of the disturbing trend of our American police forces seeming to get off on some sort of sick thrill received from beating the disabled and the elderly to a pulp, here is a low-life Tampa, Florida deputy sheriff callously dumping a quadriplegic man from his wheelchair... breaking two of his ribs in the process. This is soon followed by another asshole laughing about it.

Lock these animals up!

Uploaded by on Feb 12, 2008

Tampa, Florida - The Hillsborough Co. Sheriff’s Office held a press conference at 10:30am regarding the deputy who can be seen on video dumping a man in a wheelchair onto the ground.

They’ve announced that Deputy Charlette Jones has been relieved of her duties without pay pending the outcome of an investigation. She has not officially been terminated.

The story is no longer at the Tampa paper that was referenced. Not surprising as this happened in early 2008. I wonder, though, if the slime got away with it. I bet she did.

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