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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Igster update...

Good Lord, another month between posts... I apologize... Time flies...

IFM Productions has had it's new, reliable, technologically strong relationship with ax.to for hosting and email going for a few weeks now... no more fear of the big Y and whatever weirdness they'd come up with next.

In general things have been rather hectic around IFM Productions of late... finishing up a 40-minute DVD project for a local person... updating all of the sites I care for to be comfortable with the new Internet Explorer 7... missing out on a couple of Chamber events... did make my niece's birthday party... sadly pushing back the great INFO audio project yet another couple/three weeks... from which the new INFO Journal may partly arise... making preparations for this year's Fortean High Seas adventure... wrote six pages of copy for one website and one for another, which I hope they approve soon... there was nearly a week where I don't think I even went online... pretty strange for this guy.

I did note the absolutely ridiculous "Bigfoot" photos from NY... really... come on, now... some interesting UFO stories... and a lot of interest in Morgellons, which HS covered a little while ago, scroll down... actually the vast majority of traffic to HS has been to find pieces on Morgellons of late, superseding the Bosnian pyramids, which had previously ruled... I am proud to say that this blog has been listed, favorably, in Mac Tonnie's delightful blog Posthuman Blues, the excellent Cabinet of Wonders and Defrost Indoors, and the Fortean Times forum! I think that's amazing, considering I am nowhere near as prolific as I would like to be... will try harder, Phyllis...

Got a new Glyph GT060BR-500! WooHoo! DVD Architect 3 flipped me out by not having enough elbowroom... wound up using ULead DVD MovieStudio 3 which I just happened to have because it came with the burner. In theory, a new BOXX 5400 might join the machinery soon... that would be pretty wild.

Must dash... customer visiting shortly... more soon.

Be well,

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