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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Submitted for your approval, another update...

I can not believe that it is taking _days_, yes, _days_ for my little Glyph to defragment... The DVD really pushed it to it's limits... Whatever file 84 is... oh, man... glad I have it, though, as no other drive could've done what it did. Well, I'm sure a Rorke Data could've, but I am a Glyph guy through and through. Fortunately the RAID array arrived in time to redo the project for the second deadline in DVD Architect and I was very happy about that since I could make it look the way I wanted it to in the beginning. I am however impressed by the ULead software. It must have some pretty creative compression algorithms because it was able to make a perfectly workable DVD using disk space judged way too small by the pro program and subsequently saved my ass. I can heartily recommend ULead stuff to anyone... great for hobbyists... and pros in a pinch for space or for projects where the output doesn't need to be really fancy. Cool stuff.

Eagerly anticipated here is the imminent arrival of a BOXX 5400 workstation... good God this thing just reeks of power! Dual dual-core AMD Opterons through an nVidia Crush chipset! Damn! I don't think I bought enough memory, though... we'll see. After Effects should be very happy. Of course now all the accoutrements need to get themselves acquired... this is a good thing speaking as a gearhead, but the coffers are a might lean, so... spaghetti for dinner for a few more ages... then again it will tear through jobs like a pissed off Sasquatch taking it out on an arrogant little Bush, so more work can go through the doors... now... to get more work!

I'm off to find something Fortean to go on about...

Be seeing you.

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Jim said...

I've seen this movie Iggy , it's called "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang.Bail out now no matter how cute the Robot is!