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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Las Vegas Weekly

Las Vegas Weekly

I've always had an adventurous streak in me, being drawn to somewhat dangerous activities from racing Formula Fords to sidestepping across on a dual steel cable that spanned two mountains in western Massachusetts. This has over the years transformed itself into a longing to hang out in remote areas for a week or so with a nice camcorder to catch a Sasquatch, or a Min-Min light, or a saucer. It's the filmmaker trapped inside, slowly digging himself out. Among the places I've thought about inhabiting is America's apparently repeatable spot for the latter... Area 51. They do have those camo dudes to provide the danger as I make sure not to step to the backside of the sign that says they'll shoot me dead... and there are likely some dangerous creepy crawlies roaming throughout the long nights spent in anticipation and long periods of wondering if I have enough batteries should some 'test vehicle' wander by. Naturally this article caught my eye.

This post's link goes to a most comprehensive and well-crafted report on the Memorial Day festivities celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the most secure spot on Earth, the only place astronauts have ever been told not to photograph, tangibly capturing the true atmosphere of both the event and the local environment through the eyes of the locals whose lives it impacts. The author, Skylaire Alfvegren, has found and unleashed the Fortean way to compress the essence of the entire Area 51 mystique into one bite size chunk. Now I want to go camp out even more...

1 comment:

Jim said...

Well this would be the time the Camo Dudes are on strike and as they only make $15-16 an hour I don't blame them! I can't find a decent gunbearer for that kind of money these days!