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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Loren's Cryptozoo at Bates

Loren Coleman's joint Crypto Art exhibit had it's gala opening Friday at Bates College Olin Arts Museum.

Two floors were given over to the event which should run until October. Unless the Scimitar Cat gets loose. A great deal of thought and talent went into the Art and Crypto displays. Bigfoot and the Tasmanian Wolf were the big winners in volume and information. In addition to the life sized Sasquatch, Loren's collection of unusual casts, Gigantopithecus blacki skull, "Hobbit" skull and a newly arrived from Sumatra, a never before exhibited Oran Pendek foot cast. A fine bronze of the Patterson creature was also spectacular and done by a local Maine artist.

My favorite was of course the university corridor housing the Departments of Cryptozoology, Comparative Astrobiology and Paranormal Research.

On the patio, Wine and Cheese were augmented by lobster puffs and goat cheese puffs, and a salad bar with sandwich makings as well. A large, eclectic crowd had a wonderful time in a beautiful venue. And it's freee!! Bates is in Lewiston, Maine and easy to find from the Maine Turnpike. Olin Arts Center is the venue.

On the way there I was accosted by three Thunderbirds, honest! They were large, black, vulture like birds with the "notch" near the wingtip. They did not show the slight angularity of the Turkey vulture now common in Maine and they were much larger. Four foot + span and riding in front of a Thunderhead as well. Naturally the photos don't show scale.

More photos over on Loren's Cryptomundo Page.


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