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Friday, November 24, 2006


The clip of FAITHLESS' latest single Bombs'BOMBS' available on the forthcoming album To All New ArrivalsTo All New Arrivals

directed by Howard Greenhalgh
MTV refused to broadcast this clip.
Director said 'I didn't see the video as particularly political, pro war, or anti war. It's actually a representation of where we are all at right now. War infects all our lives; recently it feels that this has increasingly become 'our way of life'


"This is really, seriously excellent work, in film and in message." - Ig, who is jealously wishing he made it...

Source - my friend Tom Ritchford, via his Tom's Random group.


Jim said...

"Bombs" is an excellent piece. I can see where MTV rejected it though as anti American , anti British. It is a beautifully done anti war piece myself and I am not offended by it.

It is always difficult to determine intent and high art does deserve a certain license I suppose. This video is art first and demands Kudos.

iggymak said...

Jim! You've created a huge grin that I can't get off my face. Bless you, Sir.