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Friday, November 24, 2006

Could Man be from Mars?

New article published: Although I regretfully missed the deadline for entry into the Book of THoTH competition to get into the upcoming tome because I failed to pay close enough attention and check stuff out, an Alternative History article I whipped up (second quickest elapsed time I think) entitled "Could Man be from Mars?" was nevertheless deemed worthy of publication on their website... you can read it by clicking this... The Book of THoTH.

It's up on my company site, too, and I didn't even hide it in the Fortean section... although it might help sales if I put all the good stuff in there, so I probably will. That's pretty sad, isn't it?

If you review it... please be gentle... haha! I think it's - well, friends tell me not to beat myself up, which I'm better at than a CIA waterboarding specialist under the supervision of CondoSleezza Rice... so I'll shut up now.


Anonymous said...

Hey, good news. I'm OddThings, chief admin, from over at BoT, and you didn't miss the deadline to enter for the book competition! The deadline's 12/31. What ended this last week was the cover competition, for the graphics to the cover. The winner's been chosen, but not announced yet for that, keep an eye out to get a peek at the cover.

You did an excellent job on that article, so good luck in the competition!

iggymak said...

That's great! Major grin happening! I'm not good with "small print"... hehe... plus it jibed with what Goerman said... anyway, thanks for the super news, Dustin! I kinda figured you were a BoT-er after visiting your very cool blog, which I've added to my jadedly chosen list over on the right there.

I wish I'd gotten enough ducks in a row to do a cover composite... but things have been so weird here of late and it became clear that it was not to be. Sigh.

Many thanks also for your very kind words and wishes regarding my article... maybe I'll try and do another!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we got your article. I've pointed it out to THoTH, so maybe we'll even get it up on the front page. I've also added your site here to my links. Nice job here.

The winners of the cover competition have just been announced over at Renderosity.com and on my blog, as well, so check 'em out. It was a great competition, with over 200 entries. Phil and THoTH did a great job choosing the winners, though.

I'm looking forward to another article from you!