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The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Secret Service Stand Down at the John F Kennedy Assassination

I saw this for the first time a little while ago but am just getting around to posting it. Always interested in the JFK situation but not with full force... it seems so blatantly obvious to me... the multiple shots, I mean... all that needs researching is who did it. This clip's content and its implication were new to me and I'd like to see the whole documentary.

This excerpt shows SS Special Agent In Charge Emory Roberts, the man charged with the President's life, waving off the two agents who were to ride on the car in standard operating procedure. The two agents appear flabbergasted at the order to leave the President with no bodyguard while riding in an open car. IMHO, this surely means that Roberts was not only complicit, but a vital participant in the murder. It also shows that only those with a need to know were a part of it. Watch and see what you think.

Subsequent to my viewing of this I read a report... the link escapes me... will post later... wherein it stated that Roberts was heard later on the SS security radio saying "We got him," or a similar statement. Doesn't it all just turn your stomach?


Harry said...

It’s obvious that elements within Secret Service played a role in "allowing" gunmen the opportunity to kill JFK. The Praetorian Guard pulled away from Caesar and allowed the mob to remove him from his throne. If you get the chance, read the work of Vincent Palamara. He has interviewed many of the JFK Secret Service men and reveals many details unknown before. One place to start would be his work, “SURVIVOR’S GUILT—THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE FAILURE TO PROTECT THE PRESIDENT.” It’s online at http://www.assassinationresearch.com/v4n1.html

iggymak said...

Thanks Harry! I'll surely try to make time to read that... the studio is gettin' busier by the day so it's getting to be weird even reading my "regular" stuff, but it definitely sounds intriguing. Oh yeah... "allowing"... nicely put... hehe.


Brian Gaugler said...

It always amazes me that there are people in this country who refuse to even consider the idea of a conspiracy being involved in the JFK assassination, despite all the evidence supporting such a conclusion. Now granted, some amount of skepticism is indeed healthy, but this attitude of "well those types of things can happen anywhere else in the world, but not the good old USA!" really needs to be rethought as being a flawed viewpoint.


P.S. Thank you for the kind words regarding my blog Iggy, it is highly appreciated.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Iggy, guess this tidbit of info escaped even Oliver Stone...thanks for the post...enjoyed it very much despite the tragic subject matter!

Anonymous said...

iggymak do you know the name of the documentary that has this footage? Or do you know where this footage came from thanks in advance!

iggymak said...

Unfortunately I do not know where this is from, but I surely want to see it. I will ask a friend who just might know.

iggymak said...

And he did know! Why I'd never asked him I'll never know... anyway, here's the scoop...

I first saw this footage in something called "Evidence of Revision", a projected series sent to me by one of its producers in Austin. I don't think the series was ever produced, and I'm not sure where else it might have come from.

vicket said...

Yes, how clever of Oswald to arrange to have the motorcade detail stand down. Also, I read about a motorcycle that was behind JFKs limo and the cop said his screen was splattered. I've also looked at the video showing what appears to be the driver turning around and delivering the final shot.