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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Two Lake Erie UFO's

the posted comment...
This is the footage that was on FOX News UFO segment Feb 3, 2007...Even though they cut out the good parts! Thought you might want to see the whole clip. This UFO clip and many others are included in David Sereda's new Movie, "From Here to Andromeda" which will be released in April of 2007.

Michael lee Hill

Fabulous footage captured by some young boaters... in the middle of the clip the camera is switched to infrared affording a very nice view of what's hidden by the night, the surface of the lake, the object's proximity to the surface the general layout of the scene.

Interesting in that the object is met by a "colleague" for a brief close dance after which they separate a but and finally one starts to leave and the other approaches the boaters, where the video stops.

I wonder if they filmed any more of it or if they got scared and concentrated on rowing away. The commentary suggests more awe than fear, but things can change.

All in all a very fortunate video capture of a pretty impressive encounter with the unknown.

Aerial events seem to be on the rise, which I think is great of course... Interesting that this was on FOX, but this sort of thing does sell...

ooh I wish I had my camera at hand during my recent Gulf of Mexico sighting... that was pretty impressive. Anyway, not sure what the increased activity is about but perhaps with increasing reports interest will again come to the fore and we can get going on perusing the issue with new material. It will be very interesting to me to hear what the new crowd thinks of all this.

I'm in general agreement with them as to the apparent dubiousness of the O'Hare event... the initial photos were really pretty bad... as in probable fakes... and the second batch wasn't much better, blatantly contradicting the reported circumstancesby including lights... one commentator somewhere noted it looked a bit like the ufo in China... it does, sort of, hmmm... oh well... there's still hope in general and good work to be done.

On my Apollo 16 post, our Jim says he thinks it's balderdash... as they've had decades to make some story up, and many years of good software to do it with... Jim might be on to something... hope he is, but they did do a really nice job of it.

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Dustin said...

Did you happen to see what they actually put on Fox News? They edited it down to a couple of seconds of the least impressive bit of it and tried to make the poor guys look like fools, from what I've heard. Too bad, really, but what do you really expect from Rupert Murdoch?