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— Charles Hoy Fort

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NYC benefit for Doug Skinner

21st century renaissance man Doug Skinner – a regular contributor to Strange Attractor Journal & Fortean Times, historian, ventriloquist, ukelele maestro, translator of alchemical manuscripts and much more besides – recently lost much of his archive of books, artworks, musical instruments and fascinating junk to a flooded New York basement. As if this wasn’t bad enough he also lost his piano, which makes life in that city as a professional musician particularly difficult.

A group of Doug’s friends have put together a night of cabaret, performance, 3D images and home-made electronic instruments to raise money for a new piano. It promises to be a night to remember…

Carousel benefit for Doug Skinner curated by R. Sikoryak
Wed, may 23 - 8 pm
tickets: $12 - $20
Featuring a 3-D presentation by Gerald Marks, M. Sweeney Lawless, Sam Henderson, Todd Alcott, Brian Dewan and much more!
Benefit tickets $12-$15, $20 for show and post performance party.


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