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The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Monday, September 10, 2007

Buncha Good Stuff In A Stream Of Semi-Consciousness

My God, it's been a wild few weeks, with more stuff poppin' into and back out of existence around me head than seems possible... this should be a cartoon, maybe. Then it'd seem more plausible.

Everything at least seems to be getting done with the exception of plying for trade, but there's less and less time for that of late with my new duties of keeping my dear old auntie out of trouble and eating right, at least until I get the hang of it better. Which is coming along in a mind version of "just-in-time" inventory, but really, it's pretty strange going... ahh... time management... a big issue for the iGsTer...

So Sky just told me of an absolutely horrific discovery she found out about on her friend Mick Farren's very nice blog Doc 40 about extremely rich assholes who run around the arctic shooting polar bears, as if the Republican's devastation of their environment and apparent plan to nearly eliminate it from the Earth wasn't bad enough. This is just repulsive in the extreme. Really pissed at this news. I like Mick's dream, a heli, an AK47, with rich turds in the crosshairs. I'm right there on the other flank, dude... can't give these excuses for human beings a way to escape. I haven't been able to bring myself to read it yet, but if you want to get the skinny on these $200,000 dollar jaunts of pure immorality, the story is here in The Independent out of the UK. Jeezus H. Kreist!

People like that make it hard to live without thoughts of violence. They're pretty well as bad as Rice and Gonzales and Company, except the latter kill innocent people of course.

Whoa excuse me while I shiver that shite away in favor of some very interesting pieces I was reading over at the Boomslanger blog's moon page division about anomalies on the strange orb from a mining engineer's perspective... and then the dude starts talking about some fantastically odd revelations he's uncovered about the International Space Station. I recommend checking it out... what you'll find there will get your gray matter humming along very nicely. Dude's taking a 'round the outside flank approach to research and it seems to be a good plan. He ponders such things as why it seems to take the Russian supply ships twice as long to get to the station as it does to get to the moon, why they don't aim at the station initially but take a very odd route and only get there at the end, and about the bizarre cargo... multiple tons of fresh fruit and veg... fresh fruit and veg? TONS? There are only three people on the thing. Just exactly wtf is going on up there?

Oh my, my... clock's tickin,' best cut this short... much to do, not a lot of time to do it...

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