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— Charles Hoy Fort

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nice And Peaceful, These Lake Shores Be.

This, as you can obviously see, is an aerial photograph of a lake. It's in a nice looking area with perhaps a little marsh at the edges and some pristine forest around it. During the day, it usually runs around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit but at night it gets a might nipply at up to 15 below and sometimes even colder, so a larger, more versatile wardrobe would be recommended for visitors.

The forest is rather extensive and is rather akin to what one might call a rainforest in it's density and coverage, despite the wide range in temperature. There are, sadly, no reports of fauna for this region, as this is as close a look as we're allowed to see.



This lake is on Mars.

Contrary to the party line, the temperatures mentioned are quite real, as reported regularly by both Pathfinder and Rover vehicle instrumentation and available publicly. We aren't allowed to see very high resolution photography for some reason, only moderate clarity levels at best... probably having something to do with the loathesome Brookings report that is so adamantly adhered to, so we must interpret what we are given. No exotic photographic enhancements are required to reach the conclusions above, however, merely common sense. The evidence is quite clear. The above image is not altered, by the way, except for cropping.

Although I feel it most unlikely, perhaps someday we will get to see the high resolution color photos that we have paid for. Until that time, we can only gaze with wonder at the fascinating world that's not all that far away... the world where we ourselves may have arisen.

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