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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weathering the storm...

I have this quote on the homepage of my company website...
“Just as the tumultuous chaos of a thunderstorm brings a nurturing rain that allows life to flourish, so too in human affairs times of advancement are preceded by times of disorder. Success comes to those who can weather the storm.”
- I Ching No. 3

Trouble is, I don't know for certain anymore whether I can weather the storm. There are times, rather a lot of them lately since the curse of Md has befallen me... us, rather... and keeps lingering, hanging on in desperation, that I feel about to succumb to... something detrimental. I don't know. There are other times when things seem good, and even great, but those are fleeting... today's sole good news was that a Texan dude made a repeat purchase at the t-shirt store. That was very cool. Yesterday had two, a note from my wonderful friend and that this blog got reranked to a 3, up from its mysterious devaluation to nothingness. Strange, that last bit.

Nice, certainly, but not what really needs to happen, you know? Sorry to keep flip-flopping on you more than Clinton ever did... just be glad I don't post everyday :-D. I need to snap out of it. It's hard though. It's... the relentlessness of it.

I'm told, by those that matter most to me, that it will all work out. I tend to believe that, but my skeptical side is ever knocking just off stage. Then of course there's living up to this quote off the sidebar here...
“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
- Louisa May Alcott



Clayton said...
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Dustin said...

Just keep on keeping on. Things do tend to work out, as silly as it sounds.

Funny you mention the google page ranks, too. It's been a topic elsewhere. Seems all "paranormal" sites that I know of got either deranked or knocked down a few pegs, myself included.

iggymak said...

Oh, Dustin, I do hope so. I truly do. I will endeavor to persevere, as the old man said in the Western. I am scared, though, still... very much so. My mind tends to extrapolate beyond reality, but this is serious psychological stuff, dealing with the most intense human emotion, with other things thrown in for good measure.

Also I must be here instead of out plying for trade as I must care for my aunt, who has only me to do so. Her dementia worsens, she told me this morning that her mom had gone out and she was concerned about her not returning yet. The lady passed around 40 years ago. Still, as you suggest, I must keep going and meet the challenges as they happen, along with my fate.

Yeah, the dynamic algorithms of the google machinery are a mysterious lot... who knows what they're thinking... I really do doubt it's a conspiracy, though, I'm sure it's much more of a disappearing backlink scenario, at least for High Strangeness. Thank you for still reading, and for caring, Sir.