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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. [j/k]

What I need... you see... is a sonic screwdriver. One of those handy gadgets would come in mighty handy right now. I did check, again, and they're still not available. Jeezus. At least to the public.

Spark plugs still awaiting insertion into vehicle. They call them bougies in France. Bougies. Love it. And an auspuffenlage (exhaust) [in stock :-) actually, in the living room]. HQ interior preparations are coming along reasonably well at least.

The Dell station has ceased to be, at least temporarily, until I can play Froderick Fronkenstein. This happened just hours after I switched the audio interface over to the Boxx in prep for a voice over gig. Timing, eh, what?

And, hey, why the hell does grass grow so fast? I mean, really. No, not that kind, unfortunately. The mowable sort.

Is HS too controversial now? Or does it just suck? Folks like Mac Tonnies and even my good friend Pucabob are fleeing by the horde, my PageRank is now zero and the Technorati thingie now says 4. Oh well. Whatever shall I do? Madonne...

Musica Joviana - Voyager Records Jupiter's Sweet Electromagnetic Symphony

NASA's Voyager spacraft recorded the electromagnetic clash of particles in the interactions between the solar wind and the planet's magnetosphere. Fortunately for us, there's plenty going on within the range of our hearing. It is wonderfully strange and surprisingly beautiful, interesting that the person who posted it thought it was somewhat scary. I suppose it could be if you let your imagination run away with you... depends on where your head is at, I suppose. Would make a really nice bed for scenes from a 2001: A Space Odyssey-type film, that's for certain. I thought it was rather soothing to listen to on a Sunday morning and was startled back to reality when it ended. Do enjoy it!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ticked Off At Illegal Immigrants? You, As Usual, Haven't Been Paying Attention... Say Hi To The North American Union

I hear lots of people complain and complain some more about all the illegal immigrants... and I shake my head. Nothing will be done about it... because it's all part of the plan... the plan that the average American vegetable has let slip by them, like they've done with the OKC bombing, the original WTC attack, Dick's New Pearl Harbor, the Katrina ethnic cleansing, our 800 thrilling new concentration camps (for those of US that dare disagree) and a lot of other fun stuff.


This is over two years old. Say hello to the New World Order.

Slavery, coming soon to your door. There's still time, maybe, to stop it. Unlike Mr. Dobbs, here, however, I don't think you've got it in you. Please... prove me wrong.

Thank you.

Oh, here's the official site referenced in the clip, run by the criminals themselves... http://www.spp.gov/

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (1961)

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (1961)
Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Joe Morello and Gene Wright

From when I was 6 years old, right up to this very minute, this has been one of those few, special, awesome, musical genius-type tunes that always stops me dead in my tracks... can't not listen... just can't. Thank you Mr. Brubeck. Thank you Mr. Desmond. These four guys changed me.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Brazilian UFO Magazine Office Is Invaded And Robbed: Bandits Were Looking For More Than Computers And Equipment

This just in from Brazil... I smell a rat.


This is to inform to as many people as possible that the office of the Brazilian UFO Magazine was invaded and robbed last week. Bandits forced one door of the property at the night of July 30 and stole several computers, printers, equipments etc. The losses are higher than US$ 12,000 and unfortunately a large number of computer files will never be retrieved. We still haven't been able to raise the necessary funds to recover from the robbery and 80% of our activities are paralyzed.

The Brazilian UFO Magazine office is located in an area on the city of Campo Grande considered reasonably safe, and the property, a rent house, was also considered secure. However, the thieves knew precisely what door to force and how to do so, because very little damage was caused to it. And presumably they also knew very well what they were looking for, because not only some specific computers, printers, equipments were stolen, but also, and very suspiciously, particular folders containing very important and sensitive information about several areas of Ufology in Brazil.

I cannot describe at this time the exact contents of the many folders taken, to avoid any interference in the investigations. I can only say that the folders taken were located next to many others that haven't been touched, as they didn't contain the same kind of information. The stolen folders covered specific aspects of some UFO-cult movements going on in Brazil, as well as they had still unreleased cases of military involvement with the UFO Phenomena in several areas of the country and other nations and South America, and they also covered our plans for the future of the campaign for UFO disclosure in Brazil.

Because of the very high strangeness of the MO demonstrated by the thieves, the police suspects, and so do we, that the invasion was a criminal act fully studied and meticulously planned. It implies that our activities have been closely watched for weeks and perhaps months prior to the invasion. We believe that the robbery was designed not only to cause a severe financial damage to our activities, by preventing us from publishing the Brazilian UFO Magazine for at least two months, as well as to damage us in other ways.

The Brazilian UFO Magazine is one of the oldest UFO publications still in activity in the world. It was founded in 1985 and was at it 135th edition. The magazine is monthly and circulates all over Brazil, Portugal, some places on Spain and in several countries of Latin American. As of this month of August an English version of it should be initiated in the USA, based in California. We also publish books, conferences and DVD documentaries.

Those friends in overseas in position to help the recovery of the Brazilian UFO Magazine are kindly asked to do so. Those of you interested in helping us may write to editor@ufo.com.br to obtain information as to what can be donated to the magazine. Any help if immensely welcome. You may spread the word.

Thanks for your attention!

A. J. Gevaerd

editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine


Photos of the robbery can be seen at: www.ufo.com.br
via Skylaire Alfvegren

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Olbermann: The beginning of the end of America

From the Disclose.tv poster...
Olbermann takes Bush on for the "Military Commissions Act" and the death of Habeas Corpus.

And if you somehow think Habeas Corpus has not been suspended for American citizens but only for everybody else, ask yourself this: If you are pulled off the street tomorrow, and they call you an alien or an undocumented immigrant or an "unlawful enemy combatant" — exactly how are you going to convince them to give you a court hearing to prove you are not? Do you think this Attorney General is going to help you?

This President now has his blank check.

He lied to get it.

He lied as he received it.

Is there any reason to even hope, he has not lied about how he intends to use it, nor who he intends to use it against?

This is a nice piece... so very well written and presented... I'm relieved that we have Mr. Olbermann and that he is allowed to broadcast vitally important commentary such as this. It tells me that at least a bit of the America that I love is still there and there is reason to hope for tomorrow... that the American people won't fall for the false flags and fake fear of a nearly non-existent "enemy" and allow the regime to destroy it all.

I should actually watch the TV that I pay to receive, I suppose, as I'd like to hear more of Olbermann and I miss watching Democracy Now, which Dish kindly and progressively provides. There's just so much to do... ever more... it just doesn't cross my mind to turn the thing on.

Hope is good, but I pray that people take this wisdom to heart and actually act on it... it's the only way to save ourselves from the horrors that might otherwise occur.