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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Friday, June 24, 2011

HANS HIMMLER - On Israel - And The French. Truth Lies Within.

Hey, it’s America’s favorite Nazi! I like Hans Himmler. I really do. Seriously, Hans is alright. He really has his finger on the pulse of the world and lays it all out — just like it is.

I would like to thank Gerald Celente, another man with a fabulous sense of the state of things in our world — and one who has the balls to keep us informed.

In these two videos Herr Himmler comments on the realities of both Israeli oppression and the French IMF regime change distraction. He also notes the perhaps not-so-surprising similarities between the USA, Israel and Nazi Germany. Enjoy!

Keep up with Gerald and Hans at the Trends Research Institute.

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