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Monday, June 12, 2006

Record meteorite hit Norway - Aftenposten.no

Record meteorite hit Norway - Aftenposten.no

Norway recently got whacked by a good size meteorite. The link has a nice photo taken by a farmer. The part of this report that fascinates and simultaneously depresses me is the comment by Norway's top astronomer, Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard, expressing his difficulty in imagining a rock of such size hitting Earth in modern times. Apparently a 198 pound object fell in 1904, and this one is surmised to be much larger based on seismic and acoustic reports.

To this author, Røed Ødegaard's remark represents, precisely, one of the major problems facing mainstream science in our time... a serious lack of imagination.* How exactly... in the vastness of even our solar system... can one be stunned to learn of an errant rock of 400 or 600 pounds? There must be billions of them. A rock needn't be that physically large to weigh that much, as New Englanders know.... I think we're lucky to have a dense enough atmosphere to take care of most of them and that they don't get knocked off course more often. I just don't understand the mindset.

That's what upsets and baffles me.

* The specific lack of imagination referred to here describes a tenacious hold on more than likely false and useless dogma. There is certainly little lack of imagination in the thinking up of and immediate assuming as fact such tenuous and ever more exotic concepts as dark matter and even black holes... used to explain away the gaping holes in the theories concerning our space... the holes themselves due in part to the holding of tired dogmas. Oh well... I'll just wait for some enlightened souls to sort it all out... hopefully in my lifetime... maybe the plasma guys.

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